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Giddyup Core Exerciser, made by Sunpentown, is an exercise machine that looks something like a mechanical bull, and is meant to tone your back and build core muscles. To use it, you sit on it and have to keep yourself balanced on it while it moves. Staying balanced takes strength from both your abdominals, as well as your back muscles, and while you balance you are building up these core muscle groups.

This machine offers something different than most other exercise products. It can be a lot of fun to ride this mechanical bull-like product, and even compete against friends to see how long you can maintain good posture. It takes the monotony out of working out, and can produce good results. However, at $545 it is much more expensive than weights or other products that can give you the same results. Also, there are no money-back guarantees or free trials offered with this product, so even if you do not like it, you are still stuck with it.

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Giddyup Core Exerciser is used like a mechanical bull. You sit on it, and all you have to do is balance. It can go forwards and backwards, or left to right. It is much more fun to use that an exercise ball, or something else that gives you similar results. However, it is also much more expensive. These machines cost between $500 and $600 dollars with shipping, and most people are content with an inexpensive, monotonous workout over an expensive, fun workout.

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  • Giddyup Core Exerciser reduces the monotony of a workout, and can strengthen back and stomach muscles in a fun way.
  • You can even program this machine to move in the way that you want.


  • Giddyup Core Exerciser is extremely expensive, and the same results can be achieved with an inexpensive workout.
  • There are no money back guarantees for this product.
  • This machine is bulky, and can be difficult to store.
  • People with back problems, people that cannot balance well, and pregnant women should not use this machine.


This machine does help you tone your core muscles in a more entertaining way than other machines, but the price can be too expensive for many potential buyers. Also, this machine does not come with a trial or money back guarantee, and at $545 many people are not willing to risk it. There are few reviews available online for this product, and although it does tone your muscles, many people cannot balance long enough to achieve results. If you still think that this machine is right for you, contact a professional and get an expert’s opinion on whether or not this machine will be safe and beneficial for you.

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