Gilad’s Quick Fit System Review

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Gilad’s Quick Fit System is a DVD set that offers seven different training workouts. This structure is designed to help the user lose weight by burning fat and toning muscle. The DVDs work fairly well, and the user actually feels as though he is getting a good workout. One Problem is that many elderly people, or people that are not in good shape already, are unable to keep up with the DVDs.

These DVDs are fairly expensive at $70 per set, and some users have not achieved results. There is no money back guarantee, and if you do not achieve results, you are still stuck with the product. Also, the workouts are relatively short at just 18 to 36 minutes each, and are not long enough for a full workout. Finally, even with the DVD, the user needs to purchase additional equipment to be able to participate fully in the workout. Dumbbells are required for some exercises, and are a must have if you want to achieve maximum results.

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Gilad’s Quick Fit System comes in a boxed set of workout DVDs. Each DVD has specific workouts that target a specific muscle group. These workouts include classic cardio, cardio strike, and cardio blast. Some of the muscle groups that are affected are shoulders and arms, chest and back, and abs. This product offers results if you are able to keep up. Many users have had problems keeping up, and are unable to achieve maximum results. Also, even though this product is already expensive, the user has to buy dumbbells to be able to participate fully in the exercises.

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  • Gilad’s Quick Fit System is easy to use if you are in good shape already. It offers an instructional video that gives step by step instructions.
  • If you are able to keep up, these DVDs offer good results.


  • Gilad’s Quick Fit System is expensive compared to other workout videos.
  • Additional equipment is needed for a full workout with these videos.
  • Elderly people, and those who are not in great shape, may have problems keeping up with the videos.
  • These workouts are short, and do not offer a routine that is long enough.


Gilad’s Quick Fit System is a workout DVD that does produce results. Users are very happy with the ease of use, and step by step instructions. However, many people who are not already in good shape have problems keeping up with the exercise. Also, these DVDs are fairly expensive, and they do not even include all of the necessary equipment. These workout videos are short, and do not give you a cardio exercise routine that is long enough. There are many similar products out there that give a complete routine for a more affordable price.

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3 User Reviews about Gilad’s Quick Fit System

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    There is a money back guarantee and when you begin, it’s not expected that you can do every single move. That’s the idea, you “work” up to a healthy level of fitness. You do what you can do and increase intensity when you are able. If you look into Gilad’s program, his mother (who is elderly) is able to do these workouts.


  • 2

    Honestly, I was in the worst shape of my life when I started following Gilad’s workouts series on Fit TV, but as he always says it doesn’t matter how many reps you can do as long as you can keep a controlled move. Even though I couldn’t finish most reps he talks as if he was your personal trainer in your living room; I find that encouraging. I decided to keep doing it and a month later I was a lot stronger and able to do more reps. We had to give up cable so I purchased the videos and they do have money back guarantee for a year, not like it says here. It may be a little pricey but if you find something that works stick with it. I am preaching to myself. Another thing is that most workout videos do not include equipment unless they are trying to sell it as well. You can follow his routine without it and get results. You can find bands and dumbbells fairly cheap even at Target. The reasons mentioned here to not get this set are not valid and uninformed.



    I totally agree with you. I have the system and I love it. I like that routines are not extremely long. If he over worked me I could not continue to use them. I do use and additional cardio boxing video because it is much more fun but his routines are early to follow meaning I do not have to be a dance master to keep up. I guess if you are trying win some body building contest then this is not the system for you but if you are like me and need guidance and enouragement along the way I think this is a good routine. As you advance then you can move on to more strenuos stuff.