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Glenn W. Geelhoed graduated cum laude with an AB and BS degrees from Calvin College. He received his MD cum laude from the University of Michigan. He completed a Harvard surgical internship and his residency at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston. After completing his surgical residency, he joined the faculty at George Washington University in 1975. There, he is professor of surgery, international medical education, and microbiology, immunology, and tropical medicine. He is a member of the Society of University Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons. He was elected for George Washington University’s Medical Center (GWUMC) Faculty Distinguished Service Award in 2006.

The interests of Dr. Geelhoed are in endocrine surgery, surgical physiology, oncology, and transplantation. He has frequented many universities and institutes in the United States and has a deep concern for third world countries lacking in medical treatment and technology. He has traveled around the world, written books, and contributed articles to journals and other publications. To assist in his desire to help third-world countries, Dr. Geelhoed completed a DTHM (Doctor of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene) from the University of London (1990) and an MA in International Affairs from George Washington University (1991).

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N/A because this is a person, not a drug or dietary supplement.

Product Features

Glenn W. Geelhoed has authored a 650-page hardback book titled, “Natural Health Secrets from around the World.” It contains over 1,600 home remedies to deal with over 100 ailments. They include arthritis, hair loss, insomnia, digestive disorders, memory loss, and heart disease. It contains remedies that have been used around the world for centuries. For example, one of the remedies is a medicine developed by the Greeks centuries ago that is effective at easing digestion. The remedies are advertised as safe, natural, and powerful. On one website, the book sells for $29.95.

Glenn W. Geelhoed has authored a 346-page paperback book titled, “Out of Assa: Heart of the Congo.” It details the author’s trip to a small city named Assa in central northern Congo. Here, Geelhoed utilizes his medical knowledge and training to better the health of these Central Africans. It is recommended for clinicians or other interested readers. It sells new for $39.80.

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  • Mr. Geelhoed is well-educated and diversely experienced in many medical areas.
  • He has international awareness and concern.
  • He is actively involved in teaching and leading students overseas to participate in third-world medicine.


  • Some of the ingredients for the home remedies may be difficult to find and purchase.
  • He is based in Washington D. C. Therefore, it may be difficult to benefit from him directly if you are not in that area.


Glenn W. Geelhoed is highly educated and actively involved in teaching the surgeons and other medical practitioners of tomorrow. He is also active in bringing medical science and technology to third-world countries. He has put his knowledge into books and articles, most notably, “Natural Health Secrets from around the World” and “Out of Assa: Heart of the Congo.” The first book is good for everyone. The second book is best for clinicians or other medical practitioners.

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