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Global Health Trax, Inc. (GHT) is a multi-level, billion-dollar-a-year organization that has been a trusted company in the field of health and wellness since 1997. It is run by Tom Dixson, the former CEO of Petco. Their high-quality nutraceutical products are designed to enhance, energize, and revitalize you. Their products are also claimed to be backed by scientific research. The company has made its name in the manufacturing and marketing of probiotics. These are important for digestive health.

Global Health Trax products are claimed to be supported by scientific research. They have their own scientific laboratory in southern California that is part of their 48,000 square-foot headquarters. They research, develop, and market their products from these headquarters. This is a state-of-the-art facility that follows all the rules and guidelines put out by the Food and Drug Administration. Global Health Trax products has the endorsement of medical doctors and celebrities.

List of Ingredients

N/A. There are numerous products made by GHT, all of which have their own ingredients.

Product Features

Probiotics are the key in digestive health. They are favorable toward a better life. The claim to fame for GHT, its probiotics line includes FiveLac, ThreeLac, Active Digestive Enzymes, Active Systemic Enzymes, and Flora Five. Flora Five contains the best of nature’s ingredients and scientific research. Another focus of Global Health Trax is oxygen through Oxygen Elements Max. Polluted air and toxin-sprayed food keeps humans from getting all the oxygen they need. Oxygen Elements Max is designed to reduce free radicals in the blood and increase oxygen to the cells. Global Health Trax also provides bio-available liquid nutritionals. These come from environmental places all over the world. There are antioxidants available from GHT and products to improve joint and immune health, promote weight loss, and improve hair, skin, and nails. Other products are available to promote overall general health.

Global Health Trax products are sold through their official website and other online vendors. Prices may differ based on website and purchase location. At the time of this review, one website had numerous GHT products for sale, ranging in price from $12.50 (1-oz. bottle of Prostatade) to $55.39 (120-capsule bottle of Vegiberries).

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  • Products based on scientific research and elements from nature.
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Careful attention to using scientific research in product development.
  • Testimonials by celebrities and medical doctors praising GHT products.


  • Some products may be too good to be true with their advertised claims.
  • Does not emphasize the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise.
  • Some customers prefer other products for specific needs (e.g., TurboZyme for digestive relief, Activia, etc.).
  • Not designed to help you lose weight.
  • Opportunities to market GHT products are not that successful among those attempting to make some money.


Global Health Trax is a company dedicated to providing scientifically-based products that enhance life and well-being. It is most well known for its probiotics and has earned the praise of medical doctors and celebrities. However, some products may be too good to be true and most products are not designed for weight loss. Customers may prefer other products to those of GHT.

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  • 1
    Trisha Hall

    I would like to know if the products for systemic yeast infections are effective, or are they some of the products that are “too good to be true. Any feedback would be appreciated, as these are quite expensive, and I am on a fixed income. Thank you


  • 2

    I just want to know whether GHT has distributor in the country Malaysia. I have purchased consumed one similar product but it was only sold in Indonesia (which is Malaysia’s neighbor country) Looking forward to get one more. Thank You