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As a consumer these days, you really have to watch your step when it comes to purchases and “deals.” This is even true in the diet and weight loss market. After all, there are some companies out there that are selling useless or dangerous supplement formulas, and continually charging dieters monthly fees. This brings us to the company, Global Nutrition Sciences. It actually has a bad reputation, which was discovered after doing a little online research.

As you may be well aware, there are countless companies and brands pertaining to weight loss products. Global Nutrition Sciences is merely one of them. Unfortunately this particular brand has a bad reputation for charging consumers, but failing to send them any weight loss products. Like many other companies, Global Nutrition Sciences used to offer a free trial sample of their supplement, Slim Seduction. However, what this means is they give you a free sample, and you give them a credit card number so they can charge a small shipping/handling fee. This way in the following months they can charge you and send you a new bottle of the supplement monthly.

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Not available on an official website.

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Global Nutrition Sciences is a company that used to sell weight loss products, such as Slim Seduction. However, this company is no longer in business. In fact, if you attempt to access their official website, it states that they no longer accept any orders after April 30th of 2010. It is difficult to fully determine why Global Nutrition Sciences shut down. However, in regards to the supplement formula, Slim Seduction, this was a product that was claimed to aid both women and men with weight loss. In regards to its ingredients or exact effects on the body, nothing is really revealed. If it was like most dietary supplements for weight reduction, it came in capsule form, and was directed to be taken daily with water. The cost of Slim Seduction was $49.95. However, this is something users would be charged monthly after agreeing to obtain a free trial sample of Slim Seduction. There does not appear to be any positive reviews on the web supporting Global Nutrition Sciences or products like Slim Seduction.

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  • There used to be a free trial offer for Global Nutrition Sciences supplements like Slim Seduction.


  • This company is no longer in business.
  • There are no positive reviews or testimonials for Global Nutrition Sciences products.
  • There are some negative comments online regarding Global Nutrition Sciences.
  • No ingredient lists are found for products like Slim Seduction.
  • There is no official website to review.


There are some clear complaints online regarding Global Nutrition Sciences. One customer actually says he continues to get charged monthly, and does not even receive a product. It is probably a good thing that this company is no longer in business. On the bright side, there are many other supplement formulas available that can simply be purchased without this kind of negative experience. One of them is probably ideal for you and your weight loss goals.

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