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What You Should Know

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Glutapure is a product manufactured by Ultimate Nutrition. The product website says the product is meant to provide the benefits of L-Glutamine. The website states this ingredient is essential to building and maintaining lean muscle mass, so it is very obviously targeted toward bodybuilders and athletes. Because of this, average people seeking to live a healthier lifestyle should consider this before choosing it as a supplement they wish to take.


L-Glutamine is the only active ingredient in Glutapure.

Product Features

Glutapure is available in several different forms. It comes in 300 count 1,000 mg capsules, 400 grams of powder, or 1,000 grams of powder. The 400 gram sized bottle costs around $18. L-Glutamine is one of the twenty-one amino acids in the genetic code that may help in the production of protein, protecting the immune system, enhanced muscle growth, gastrointestinal function, and surgery recovery. If you supplement with L-Glutamine it is thought to help reduce muscle soreness and help repair muscles. It is helpful for those who workout because the body loses a lot of the L-Gluatmine in high stress situations such as working out. It will help the body hold on to muscle and prevent muscle breakdown. The Ultimate Nutrition website also talks about how it will help weight loss by converting directly to glucose without effecting insulin levels. It claims to support fat loss and muscle retention. The website is a fairly informative one, though it could use some work to bring faith to their consumer base.

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  • Good priced.
  • One ingredient.


  • Glutapure is not for everyone, mostly likely only for body builders.
  • Poorly done website.
  • More for bulking up muscle than losing weight.


While Glutapure may be an excellent product for many of those who workout and are focused on their muscle mass. For those who do not workout often or do not strive to build more muscle, this product is probably not a good idea. For bodybuilders who want to build muscle and retain it, this may be a good short term solution, as you will want to closely examine the long term effects of this supplementation. For those who are looking to lose weight, look for a supplement which addresses both aspects of weight loss, curbing cravings and appetite and burning fat. Combine this with a healthy diet and exercise routine and you will be sure to succeed.

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    Michel Bille

    Is Glutapure any good for arthrosis in lower back since it is supposed to have L-glutamine?


  • 2

    how can l place an order?