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Go Ask Alice is a website available at goaskalice.com that made its debut in 1993. It is the main website for the Health Promotion Department of Columbia University. Some say it is responsible for the Q&A format that has since taken the internet by storm. The main purpose of the website is to provide people with informative answers to common questions so that they may better be able to make healthy lifestyle choices. The primary audience seems to be young adults in their 20′s, though anyone may benefit from the information.


There are no ingredients as this is a website review and not a product review.

Product Features

The Go Ask Alice website is a very thorough source of information on a variety of topics. The website focuses on a variety of topics with a Q&A section, a Theme of the Week Section, and a Poll which is temporarily closed, due to the holidays. Users can find all sorts of information and advice on different issues such sexual health, asking people difficult questions, and conditions such as Restless Leg Syndrome and urinary tract infections. People will also find tips on setting and keeping with goals and resolutions.

The website does not use ads to keep it up and running, which is a refreshing bonus for the users, as many of the sites on the web these days slam the user with advertisements. Many people do not like advertisement heavy websites.

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  • There is no cost to use the website.
  • Very professional site worth bookmarking and visiting as needed.


  • Time spent using the internet is another way for the American population that so desperately needs to get up and move, to sit and be sedentary. People will need to use the site in moderation to reap its true benefits.
  • Simply reading information about diet, weight loss, and healthy lifestyles will not make a person take the actions they need to take. It will take getting up and moving and making changes to make it work.


Though reading diet and nutrition information is not going to make people actually get up and exercise and eat better, this website is a great tool to have at the hands of those who need it. It is very easy to navigate and is very well maintained. If anyone needs advice with any sort of health issue along with dieting and exercise, this site is certainly worth checking out. Having made its debut in 1993, it has been around almost as long as the world wide web, and has done an excellent job in keeping up with the times.

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