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In recent years, the weight loss industry has exploded into a multi-million dollar business. Everywhere you go, there are new diet pills, supplements, videos, health clubs, support groups, books and DVDs. With so many choices, it quickly becomes overwhelming trying to decide which product or combination of items is the best option for you personally. Every product claims that it is THE answer to your weight loss problem. Becoming an educated consumer is the best way to determine which product(s) is the best option for you and the one most likely to lead to your success. Information about the Gravity Force Trainer is no exception. Here we have a new exercise machine promising fantastic results quickly. How realistic is this claim?

Product Features

The product website gives customers a large amount of information to help them decide if the Gravity Force Trainer is the right machine for them. The is one expect opinion for a doctor on the website as well as plenty of other customer testimonials. The website gives descriptions on how to properly use the Gravity Force Trainer specifically with Jake’s exclusive 7 Pillars of Strength Workout. Finally, the website also goes into detail about how the machine works, why it is similar to other machines found at the local gym, and how they are all wrapped up into one simple, easy to use in home machine.

The Gravity Force Trainer retails for $749.15. The item can be paid for in monthly installments of $49.95. The website contains some conflicting information on shipping and handling. In one section it offers free shipping with your first payment of $49.95. In the FAQ section it states that you can save $100.00 on shipping and handling if you pay the full amount upfront instead of in installments.

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  • The Website has a 1-800 number and a physical address, not a PO Box, to contact them.
  • The website has posted customer testimonials and an expert opinion.
  • The Gravity Force Trainer comes with a money back guarantee.


  • The Gravity Force Trainer was out of stock.
  • The Website has conflicting information on the shipping and handling costs.
  • The Gravity Force Trainer only focuses on 7 basic exercises instead of allowing for a total body work out.
  • There is no cardiovascular component to increase the burning of fat with the 7 Pillars of Strength workout program.


Weight loss has become a major focus of the average American consumer. As a society we spend millions of dollars annually trying to find that perfect quick fix for weight loss. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that such a miracle cure exists. Instead, combine your new exercise machine with a healthy diet and drinking lots of water, and you are much more likely to see the results you are looking for in time. Exercise machines can be useful, and if you want to make the investment, make sure it is something you will enjoy doing and worth the investment. Combined with diet, this machine, as well as others on the market, will help you achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss.

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    How can I obtain a copy of the DVD for the Gravity Force Trainer, I lost my DVD when I moved.


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    Adela De La Garza

    I’ve lost my Gravity Force Trainer video that came with the machine. It shows you instructions to follow on how to use the machine. How can I get another video? Purchased mine around 2005 or 06. Please help.


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