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Gruve is a personal activity monitor that helps the user reach activity goals. Calories burned are measured in real time. Each day, the user starts in the red zone and moves through orange, yellow and blue before reaching the green zone. The idea is to use the data collected by Gruve to maximize calorie burn and lose weight. The system is personalized, so each dieter has a specific calorie burn goal to reach each day. The Gruve Guide, included with every Gruve purchase, helps the dieter achieve ultimate success in just 12 weeks.

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Personal activity monitor.

Product Features

All the user has to do is strap on the Gruve and move. The ultimate goal is to end the day in the green zone. Users start in the red, meaning they have lots of calories left to burn for the day. As calories are burned doing normal daily tasks and exercise, the number of total calories left to burn are reduced and the zone colors change. Red moves to orange, orange moves to yellow, yellow moves to blue and blue moves to green. At first, the dieter may find it difficult to hit the green zone every day, which is why the program takes 12 weeks to master.

The Gruve also helps the dieter move more often. If the user sits still for too long, the Gruve reminds the wearer to get up and move. This simple change will increase calorie burn, even if the dieter does not perform daily exercise. Some dieters, especially those who work in an office setting, may sit for hours at a time with relatively no movement. Using the Gruve will help them get up and stretch, walk around the office or march in place for even a few moments in an attempt to move from red to green.

There is no information on the Gruve Guide and the eating guidelines offered from Gruve. Dieters may wish to choose a personalized diet with reduced calorie intake to optimize weight loss. Even if the Gruve moves from red to green, if the dieter is not eating correctly, weight loss will not occur.

The Gruve sells for $199. There is no mention of a monthly monitoring fee, but there could be such a fee associated with online tools and trackers used by the Gruve.

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  • Measures movement and calorie burn.
  • Gives the dieter an incentive to move more.
  • Reminds the dieter to move after long periods of sitting still.


  • Does not promote healthy eating habits.
  • Could come with a monthly fee for access to trackers and Gruve information.


The Gruve is a personal device that may help a dieter get more active in everyday life. It is often the simple changes that make a world of difference in weight loss.

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