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Gu Brew is an electrolyte product sold to athletes who compete in high-energy or prolonged events. The product comes in a drink and tablet. There is a long description about the products and even links to outside websites and medical journal supporting some of the product claims, but there is no detailed ingredient list. We are unsure if the list is hidden somewhere on the official website or if the company simply does not bother listing everything in the brew. Ideally, GU Brew would only be needed by athletes, but there are some exceptions. If a dieter is working out in extreme conditions, like excessive heat and humidity, sweating can cause dehydration quickly. It is not enough to replace lost fluid with just water as potassium, sodium and other electrolytes are lost while sweating.

List of Ingredients


  • Maltodextrin
  • Fructose
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavor
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Turmeric

Product Features

GU Brew is a product focused on a small portion of the athletic world. Extreme athletes can lose a large percentage of body weight from sweating alone and that results in lost performance and fatigue. Replenishing lost fluid requires more than drinking water. The body loses electrolytes along the way and those electrolytes need to be replenished.

The official website for GU Brew does not list the ingredients in the formula, but we were able to find the ingredients from a trusted website. The list is rather boring, packed with electrolytes and flavor with sugar added for optimal energy and glucose balance. All-in-all the formula is sound and it will work as claimed, but it is straight carbohydrates, so the dieter does not need to use a product like this unless they are exercising in extreme conditions.

The product description suggests drinking up to 24 ounces of GU Brew before competition or exercise and at least 20 ounces every hour during. That may seem like a lot of fluid, but if you’re sweating a lot you need to replenish a lot. Drinking an optimal amount of recovery liquid could mean the different in competing well and barely competing at all.

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  • GU Brew contains simple ingredients and nothing more.
  • The formula is listed online – though not on the official website.
  • Replenishes electrolytes lost during exercise and competition.


  • No ingredients on the GU website.
  • GU Brew is not designed for weight loss.


GU Brew is a simple product that provides excellent results, but only for a small portion of the fitness market. Extreme exercise and competition requires unique fluid replenishment and that is what GU Brew provides. GU Brew contains 100 calories – all of which are in carbohydrate form so this is not a diet product.

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