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What You Should Know

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Gymform Digital is an electro-stimulation unit that stimulates muscles with electric impulses. These machines have been around for decades and while they will help tone muscles, they have no impact on metabolism or weight loss. Dieters wishing to tone and lose weight at the same time may find better results from a daily walk and bi-weekly weight training sessions. The official website for Gymform Digital offers a brief description of the Gymform Digital and a list of everything the buyer receives, but no other information on how to use the electro-stimulation belt is provided.

List of Ingredients

Gymform Digital Electro Stimulator, 8 Electro Cables with Clip Adaptors, 8 Self Adhesive Pads, Unit Belt Clip and Instructional Manual, Abdominal Toning Belt, 2 Large Belt Pads, 1 Large Butterfly Belt Pad and Gymform Digital Carrying Case.

Product Features

The leads on the Gymform Digital are relatively short, so we assume the unit is made for abdominal toning. The pads attach to the electro stimulator and electrical impulses are sent to the muscles under the skin. The muscles contract in response to the electricity performing a voluntary movement. This movement is similar to that which occurs during exercise. The only difference is the lack of cardio movement required to contract the muscle. In terms of toning, electro stimulation is perfect for the athlete or fitness buff, but a person trying to exercise for weight loss will not see benefits from using an electro stimulation belt.

Gymform offers no information on healthy eating or nutrition. The list of items included in the package does not include an eating guide, so the dieter must follow a reduced calorie diet to lose weight. The Gymform Digital unit can be used to relax muscles after a hard workout for faster recovery, but a cardio program is still needed to promote weight loss and increased metabolism.

The Gymform Digital sells for more than $100. The official website is located in the United Kingdom, so buyers from the United States may have to pay an additional shipping charge.

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  • Tones muscles.
  • Help reduce recovery time between workouts.
  • The cost is comparable to other electro stimulation belts.


  • Will not increase metabolism.
  • Does not replace cardio exercise.
  • Does not come with a diet or weight loss guide.
  • Will not cause weight loss.


The Gymform Digital belt is designed to tone and strengthen abdominal muscles. The unit will not increase calorie burn or metabolism, so dieters may wish to look for a different fitness machine for this purpose. The unit does not replace cardio workouts, so dieters cannot simply hook up to the machine and expect to sit back while they lose weight.

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