Gymform Vibra Tone Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The Gymform Vibra Tone is a vibrating belt that claims to reduce fat and slim the body with gentle vibration. The kit comes with a tape measure, probably as a selling tactic. There is clinical research listed on the official Gymform website, but the link leads to a document hosted on the Gymform website. We found no clinical support for slimming claims. Vibration does not shake off fat. The only proven means of weight loss and slimming is to eat a reduced calorie diet and exercise regularly. Supplements can increase metabolism enough to promote weight loss and help a dieter reach goals.

List of Ingredients

Vibrating belt for slimming.

Product Features

The marketing angle a business takes tells a lot about a product. Gymform sells electro stimulation belts in addition to the Gymform Vibra Tone. The electro stimulation belts are associated with six-pack abs and tone bodies – on men. The Gymform Vibra Tone shows women with huge smiles and belts around their abdomen, thighs and buttocks. So, according to Gymform, men want muscles and women want thinner, slimmer bodies.

The Vibra Tone is all talk and no proof. The company claims the vibrating belt will, literally, shake off the inches and they even throw in a tape measure to make the claims more valid. Not only does Vibra Tone simply lie about slimming, the company claims the belt will target specific areas or spot tone. Spot toning or spot weight loss is impossible – it simply does not happen. The body will slim from the area it chooses during weight loss, not the area being shaken with the Vibra Tone.

We found no weight loss diet or nutritional advice on the Gymform Vibra Tone website. Dieters seeking permanent weight loss solutions will simply have to choose something other than the Gymform Vibra Tone. While there may be some massage benefits associated with the belt, there are no weight loss benefits and all claims on the website are false.

The Gymform Vibra Tone sells for more than $60 from the official website. The company sells out of the UK so US buyers may pay more.

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  • Gymform Vibra Tone could reduce muscle pain.


  • Slimming claims are not founded.
  • Vibration does not increase fat loss or metabolism.
  • No weight loss or nutritional advice offered from Gymform.
  • The orders are shipped from the UK.


Gymform Vibra Tone is a vibrating belt that shakes off fat. The company does a great job of selling the belt, but a poor job or supporting slimming claims. We suggest the dieter take the money they would have spent on the Gymform Vibra Tone and choose a different weight loss solution. Supplements are a great choice for curbing hunger and increasing metabolism with proven ingredients.

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