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HealthBoards, in partnership with WebMD, is a website that brings people together with one common goal: finding support and information about all things health related. To serve its purpose as a central meeting place, the focus is an extensive assortment of message boards (over 150), sorted by Health categories (28, to be precise). In addition to the support group-styled message boards, HealthBoards also offers a WebMD-powered Health Guide, which provides comprehensive health information and tools for managing one’s health.

For dieters, ages 14 and up, HealthBoards provides message boards related to all aspects of diet, weight loss, and health conditions caused by obesity. Message boards for dieters include Diet & Nutrition, Exercise & Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle, Vitamins & Supplements and Weight Loss. A sister users the chance to join discussion groups about specific medications, sorted by drug name and health category. This can be a useful tool for anyone taking any type of medication for weight loss purposes.

Product Features provides a safe, heavily monitored forum in which people can meet others and discuss the personal and important health issues they may be facing. Anonymous posting is not allowed, and boards are monitored by a large group of volunteers. There are strict rules and helpful guidelines for using the message boards effectively. The policy of “No Advertising” in posts allows a less cluttered experience for users. Abuse and breaking of site rules is grounds for termination from the site.

While no reviews of the site were found from outside sources, there is an entire message board devoted to user testimonials. According to Wikipedia, was founded in 1997 by Chuck Simmons. The site was launched with 70 health-related message boards and continues to grow steadily with each passing year.

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  • Healthboards has information on almost all medical conditions including obesity.
  • The Healhboards website has a very user-friendly interface.


  • The information provided on Healthboards may not always come from a professional.
  • You might find Spam posts occasionally that interrupt serious discussions.
  • Some advice may be dangerous. Be sure to research an odd dieting tip before trying it.


Healthboards is a great resource for dieters but might be best for those who already have some sort of plan in place. A message board like this is great for finding people with similar problems so you can motivate each other or even compete. It can really help with your diet if you are competing on a weekly basis with a few other people. Heathboards is a great place to do this.

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8 User Reviews about HealthBoards

  • 1

    I have been shut down so many times by healthboard, and also permanently shut down. They truly look for the smallest of infractions which are hidden on page 20 of their long list of “not-allowed”. I am a 65 year old breast cancer survivor and was reaching out to other women who have been diagnosed with the same. It is almost laughable to read their P.R. touting themselves as a source for information. Advice can’t be given as the moderators will twist it around to be just another infraction. They won’t change and I am happy they permanently banned me.


  • 2

    Healthboards is a joke. I couldn’t believe the moderators would suspend a 65 year old breast cancer survivor for “advertising”. When I tried to questions why I was suspended they said they didn’t have to give me a reason. It was my responsibility to know the rules. They said if I wanted back in, I would have to apologize and promise I wouldn’t do it again. Do you think the moderators were having a great time humiliating me? The only thing I was sad about is not being able to delete my information. Healthboards holds all the cards and it advertising itself as “help” is laughable.


  • 3
    Senior Member

    Agree with all comments above. I would love to see posts from Chuck Simmons (guy who started healthboards) when he first sought to get/give help online. I bet there was a time or two he passed on a useful link. I bet he threw out warnings in his desire to use his experiences to see others kept from harm without being subjected to edits that were so opposite to what he originally said to be outright defamation of character. My experience after over 500 posts over a 5-year period. Didn’t have to be kicked off. Gladly signed off.


  • 4

    Healthboards is what the internet would be like if it were run by Nazis. They ban for no reason, they delete useful information, they are horrible. Avoid this site. It is less than useless.


  • 5

    Healthboards itself can be a good resource; however, the moderators leave much to be desired. They run the boards like a gestapo, throwing out infractions and bans willy nilly and there is no recourse to their decrees. There are many complaints about this but they’ve never changed their tactics over the years. This only creates tension, which is not a healthy state for a healthboard!


  • 6

    The healthboard moderators are overzealous and ban or suspend people for very subjective, almost meaningless, reasons. There is good info there, but beware what you post or could be shut down for no reason. The moderators do not listen or care. They just sit up on high and play god with peoples’ accounts. Fortunately, it’s easy to get around and just create new accounts, but that’s a waste of time. Too bad.



    Interesting. How do you “get around it”? Probably you can’t answer here as someone from their ranks would see it. :-) Just curious, though.


  • 7

    Health Boards is NOT a community, sharing website. I replied to a question about finding a Low Dose Allergy Doctor (there are only about 40 docs in the U.S. that do this – these are NOT the same as what most of us know as ‘allergy shots’. I gave a website to Dr. Shrader who pioneered it in the U.S. because he has not only info about it, but also has a list of every doc in the US that does this because he trained them personally on the proper protocol. I included another couple websites for this person who was desperately seeking information. I was ‘warned’ not to give websites, but I’d already replied to a second desperate individual who could only find one M.D. in Ohio to do LDA therapy which was very far away from them, I included the websites on the post to the previous person. The moderator told me about posting websites & deleted all from my posts so my posts became worthless to the person asking the question. I made a reply online after one of my posts that ‘we can’t share relavant, useful information to people honestly begging for help but we are free to give someone a smiley face or a non-existent hug. How ridiculous!’ Well, after the truth was told my account was permanently suspended because I did not ‘follow the rules’. More like I didn’t keep my mouth shut at complete and utter nonsense.