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The Heavenly Diet Store began at Humphrey Yogart Café with the opening of Heavenly Low Carb on September 16, 2003, which is the first retail store to offer quality low carb and sugar free foods in the greater Los Angeles area. After having such a tough time locating high-quality sugar free foods for his diabetic father, Jim Sheftel began to realize that there may be other people looking for the same types of products. It was then Sheftel made the decision to offer a few sugar-free products at his cafe. The demand for the products was so significant that it warranted adding more products to his line. As more and more low carb products were added to the selection, Sheftel realized that his café did not have enough space to meet the demand from customers.


The products offered online and at the local Heavenly Diet Store are appetite control and other supplements, beverages, books, frozen and refrigerated foods, gluten and wheat free products, regular grocery store items, heavenly combos, hungry girl approved items, low carb or sugar free options, meal and nutrition bars and sugar free candies and other sweets.

Product Features

Whether you choose to eat a diet which is low in carbohydrates or you have realized the need to get your sugar intake under control, Heavenly provides many options for dieters when it comes to low carb/low fat/low calorie/”diabetic-friendly” foods all in one convenient location. Heavenly Diet Store promises to be your top source for low calorie, weight watchers, and other products that are so well suited for special diet plans and for people with diabetes. The Heavenly Store is authorized to be a supporter of The Zone, Adkins, South Beach, Hamptons, The Creator’s Diet, Sugarbusters, Protein Power, and Weight Watchers. The company also offers products that assist with those who have low carb needs, including videos, books, and dietary supplements. The company only has one location so most people cannot visit their store.

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  • The Healthy Diet Store supports many popular diet plans such as The Zone, Adkins, The South Beach Diet, Hamptons, The Creators Diet, Sugarbusters, Protein Power and Weight Watchers.


  • The products are expensive and may not be affordable foe many dieters.
  • There is only one location so most people cannot visit their store.


Maybe the reason why you are reading this review is that you’ve tried dieting and exercising on your own and have failed. Perhaps you’ve joined an online community for support but still can’t seem to get motivated or stay on track with a fitness plan. If this sounds familiar, you can rest assured that you are not alone. Obesity has reached an all time high and consumers are desperate to find a plan that they can not only live with but will not make their lives uncomfortable and miserable. In the stress filled world that we live in, it is no wonder why we continue to look for comfort in food. We all know that there is no miracle cure, no magic pill out there that will make us thin and healthy. It is and always has been self control, healthy food choices and exercise. We must come to the realization that we must make lifestyle changes instead of relying on supplements and meal replacements as a way to lose weight. Then we will be able to incorporate these changes into everyday life and ultimately achieve long term success.

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