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Founded in 1996, HerbaSway is a company that produces a variety of nutritional liquids. The founders originally wanted to develop multi-vitamin pills for specific nutritional goals, but discovered liquids as a better approach because of the way they hit the bloodstream. Now HerbaSway products are available in health stores nationwide and online as well. The company prides itself on using only natural ingredients in its formulas. There are gift certificates available for people who are looking for a great gift.

List of Ingredients

As there are several different formulas in the HerbaSway product line, each one will have its own unique ingredient list. Complete ingredient listings are available on the official HerbaSway website for all the products they offer.

Product Features

There are several different products available in the following product lines: Antioxidants, Bone and Joint Health, Cardiovascular Health, Daily Health, and Digestive Health. The Antioxidant line includes: HerbaGreen Tea, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Cranberry, Creme de Choclat, HerbaGreen Tea with Caffeine, Honey Lemon Green Tea, Raspberry Lime Green Tea, Seven, Peach Green Tea, and Mango Green Tea. The Bone and Joint line includes: Liquid Glucosamine and FeVera. The Cardiovascular health line includes: Liquid CoQ10, Chloestra, and Red Wine Alternative. The Daily Health line includes: Herbaslim, L-Theanine, Dibetica, Kudja, Thre (pronounced three) energy 12 pack, Thre Energy, and Liver Enhancer. The Digestive Health line includes Ginger Tea and Stomach Relief.

The liquid drops are added to a glass of water and drank a few times a day. Directions for each supplement are included on the bottle.

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  • These supplements are widely available.
  • The supplements are moderately priced making them within reach for many people who may use them.


  • We were disappointed to see that only one product is geared toward dieting and weight loss.
  • We don’t see any customer testimonials.
  • We don’t see any money back guarantees.
  • The ingredients in the diet and weight loss supplement don’t seem powerful enough to produce good results.


While we think the concept of concentrated liquid is a novel one, in looking at the ingredients in many of the formulas we see that they are not fundamentally different from any others on the market today. While the pricing is reasonable, we don’t think it is worth it to spend on something that provides little to moderate results. Put your time and energy into a formula that contains proven ingredients. Combine it with a health diet and plenty of exercise to see the best results.

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    basia stansbury

    FANTASTIC! YUMMY AND POTENT! I could sell this stuff I love it that much!


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    I’ve been using Herbaslim and found it works better than most diet supplements. Curbs my appetite and burns fat.


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