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Hilton Head Health is a “fat camp” for adults. Located in Hilton Head, South Carolina, the service is limited to dieters in the local area of those wishing to travel to South Carolina to participate in the week-long weight loss resort. There are several resort options, including a week-long excursion and a 26-week extended program. The 26-week program requires the dieter stay at the resort for the entire time taking part in weight loss classes, exercise and support groups. H3, another long-term program, lasts 12 weeks. Participants in the H3 program were featured on the A&E program Heavy. They stay at the Hilton Head Health resort for six months.

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“Fat camp” for adults.

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Hilton Head Health offers individual and group support for overweight and obese participants. There are a variety of programs to choose from, but the long-term weight loss support tends to be the most publicized. H3, a 12-week program, costs more than $40,000 and involves extensive support and lifestyle changes. Hilton Head Health is not for the average dieter. Participants are charged huge fees to participate in the program, which resembles a detox program more than a weight loss program.

The resort is located on 800 acres completely gated from the outside world. Hotel accommodations are provided for participants in one of the Hilton Head Health programs. Lodging is situated no more than 1.2 miles from the main Hilton Head Health building. Accommodations and food are included in the participation fee.

Meal plans are based on recommendations from the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association. Dieters are served between 1,200 and 1,400 calories per day. Each dieter eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. Three 100-calorie snacks are also provided. Exercise takes place on the tennis courts, beaches and swimming pools located at Hilton Head Health. Workout sessions are held in small groups with a personal trainer.

Cost varies based on the number of days the dieter spends at the resort. One day costs $295. Two weeks cost $6,100 and 28 days cost $12,000. The H3 program starts at around $40,000. These programs are not affordable for the average dieter trying to lose weight. In some cases, extreme weight loss measures like bariatric surgery is less expensive than a stay at the Hilton Head Health resort.

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  • In-patient weight loss program.
  • Controlled caloric intake and exercise program.
  • Based on medical research.


  • Dieters must pay a lot of money to participate in weight loss programs.


While dieters may want the extra time and money to join a program like Hilton Head Health, this is not the program for everyone. Dieters must have plenty of extra time and money to stay at the Hilton Head Health resort long enough to lose a substantial amount of weight.

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