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Temple Cleanse is a cleansing supplement by Hot Stuff Nutritionals. According to the product description, the supplement uses oxygen to promote colon cleansing. Though no ingredients are listed for Temple Cleanse, we can assume the same ingredients are used to cleanse the colon as other oxygen-based colon cleansers. This, of course, is just an assumption. Dieters should never choose a supplement without first understanding the ingredients used in the formula.

Hot Stuff Nutritionals specializes in fat burners, colon cleansers and other natural supplements for varying health benefits. Some include ingredients and others are listed with a brief description and no ingredient list.

List of Ingredients

Oxygen Colon Cleanser.

Product Features

Oxy-Powder is another oxygen colon cleanser making the same claims as Temple Cleanse. The ingredient list for Oxy-Powder includes Ozonated Magnesium Oxides, Natural Citric Acid and Organic Germanium.

The Ozonated Magnesium Oxides are the source of colon cleansing. Magnesium is a natural laxative. Many dieters may be taking magnesium already if they are taking a calcium supplement. Calcium causes constipation, so magnesium is paired with calcium in many supplements to counteract this effect. The calcium binds the bowel and magnesium loosens the bowel so there is no laxative effect.

In the case of Hot Stuff Temple Green, ozonated magnesium is supposed to convert to oxygen in the body and work more effectively. There is no mention of clinical studies on the Hot Stuff website, nor could be find any studies showing ozonated magnesium converts to oxygen and “bubbles” out the bowel.

Temple Cleanse sells for $29.95. This price is lower than comparable oxygen cleansers.

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  • Magnesium will loosen bowels.
  • The price is lower than competitors.


  • No list of ingredients is offered to visitors on Hot Stuff.
  • The description of Temple Cleanse is only a couple of sentences.
  • No warnings are listed for the cleansing supplement.


Cleansers are becoming commonplace in the weight loss supplement market. Dieters are looking for fast means of weight loss and cleansers force water and waste out of the body resulting in a fast drop in weight. This weight loss is not permanent as water retention and waste production will continue. The body needs some water to effectively function every day. Laxatives like Temple Cleanse can lead to dehydration, dependence and lowered potassium levels. These are all serious health concerns.

Weight loss through supplementation is not an exact science, but there are proven ingredients the dieter can depend on to promote weight loss. Caffeine is backed with clinical studies for use as a fat burner. Chromium helps control blood sugar levels and appetite. Green tea is proven to have a long list of health benefits. Diet supplements containing these three ingredients in proven amounts are where a dieter should be looking for long-term weight loss.

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