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What You Should Know

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I57 Ignite is another diet pill that relies heavily on caffeine for its effects. Caffeine is a proven thermogenic agent. Thermogenesis is a process in the body that stimulates metabolism and begins to break down adipose (fat) tissue. Caffeine is a common stimulant used in weight loss supplements but it can have adverse effects on users including headaches, jitteriness, insomnia, and upset stomach.

I57 Ignite also claims to eradicate cellulite. Caffeine has not been clinically proven to address the issue of cellulite, only overall weight loss.

We could not locate an official website for I57 Ignite but it appears to be available through many online retailers. There is little description of the product available and we were not able to find a money-back guarantee or any product samples being offered. We like to see both of these features as it gives the consumer more confidence in the purchase both before and after the sale. At around $32 per month, the cost of I57 Ignite is competitive, but as it mainly relies on caffeine, it would be much less expense to simply purchase caffeine pills for a similar effect.


A full ingredient list does not appear to be available but I57 Ignite claims to contain caffeine, green tea, and cha de bugre.

Product Features

The star of the show in I57 Ignite is caffeine. Both the green tea and the cha de bugre add to the caffeine levels of this product. Cha de bugre is a rainforest bush that produces berries similar to coffee and have a similar effect. While exotic ingredients (especially from the rainforest) are in vogue right now in the weight loss industry, there do not appear to be any clinical trials supporting this plant’s effectiveness in assisting with fat-burning or weight-loss.

Not knowing what other ingredients may or may not be included makes it difficult for consumers to assess the likely effectiveness of this product. Those with food allergies may wish to exercise caution without knowing what is in I57 Ignite.

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  • Contains a known thermogenic.
  • Widely available at online retailers.


  • Full list of ingredients not available.
  • No official web presence.
  • No money-back guarantee or product samples.
  • May not be appropriate for those who are sensitive to caffeine.


I57 Ignite appears to be a middle-of-the-pack weight loss product that relies on caffeine and the excitement of exotic rainforest ingredients to get people to buy. The highest-rated products have dedicated websites that explain the product and its ingredients thoroughly, provide customer testimonials, and most importantly, provide links to thorough clinical trials of the product. None of these things are evident with I57 Ignite and the company does not even disclose all of the ingredients. Consumers may wish to continue their search for a proven product by a company that stands behind it.

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