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IDS, or Innovative Delivery Systems, specializes in liquid protein for use by body builders, men and women. There are different sections of the official website dedicated to each discipline. Depending on the type of supplement desired, IDS formulates creatine, energy supplements and fat loss products for consumers.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients will vary depending on the IDS supplement purchased.

Product Features

The IDS company was started in 1999 with a small 1,500 square foot facility. Today, the company calls Orlando, Florida its home and formulates and manufactures supplements in a 25,000 square foot warehouse.

IDS is known for their liquid whey protein shots. The shots, or small vials of liquid packed with protein, come in three ounce plastic containers holding 42 grams of liquid protein. There are no carbohydrates and no sugars in the protein shots.

In addition to these liquid protein shots, IDS offers weight gainers, fat loss products and energy supplements. None of the links to product information on the official website currently work and all pages – bodybuilding, men’s and women’s fitness all lead to the home page. Third party resellers who stock IDS supplements do have a complete list of products and ingredients in each. There are also warnings associated with many of the IDS supplements also listed.

Products sold through outside resellers range widely in price depending on what area of concern the supplement covers. Whey proteins are priced between $16.99 and $24.00 which is far lower than comparable products from other companies. Fat loss and energy supplements are also priced around the $24.00 range, but include ingredients like Bladderwrack and Uva Ursi which are diuretics and not fat burning ingredients.

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  • The official website lists some products offered by IDS.
  • Products are priced lower than competitors.
  • Purchasing IDS supplements online is easy through third party companies.


  • No ingredient lists are published on the IDS website.
  • At the time of this review, no tabs on the official website worked.
  • Consumers may be skeptical about trusting a company that does not offer direct information on their products.


IDS seems to be a professional company with many products formulated to meet the needs of everyone from people trying to lose weight to bodybuilders. The long list of available products is evidence that the company is working hard to formulate good supplements and the prices are fantastic, but the company does not have an official working website from which to promote these products.

There is also the fact that some fat burning and weight loss supplements include more than one diuretic. Diuretics help the body to push out extra water which may reflect on the scale, but only temporarily. Real weight loss requires proven fat burning ingredients.

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