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Innergize Sports Drink is a product distributed by the Reliv Company. While there is no official website for the Innergize Sports Drink product, the Reliv Company offers a website with multiple languages for users all over the world. The products on the Reliv website include weight loss supplements, nutritional supplements, digestive health, glucose control, energy, performance, women’s health, joint health, kid’s health, heart health and antiaging supplements.


Fructose, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Potassium Citrate, Natural Flavor, Tricalcium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, Ascorbic Acid, Beta Carotene, L-Glutamine, L-Carnitine, OptiZinc® Brand of Zinc Monomethionine and ChromeMate® Brand of Niacin Bound Chromium Polynicotinate.

Product Features

According to the website information on the Innergize Sports Drink, there are two flavors available for the user to choose from. The lemon flavor is patented by Reliv. The orange flavor is not patented. There is no information in the product description related to weight loss. Instead, the Innergize Sports Drink is aimed at improving overall energy levels in the body.

The Innergize Sports Drink products are not available for sale on the Reliv website. Instead, the company depends on private distributors to sell their products. The user must first register with a distributor to order the products. Reliv also offers toll free phone orders and fax orders. Upon further search, the only distributor found was a company based out of the Philippines. None of the major online supplement distributors offer the Innergize Sports Drink product. With no official website and no known distributor website, it is difficult to order the Innergize Sports Drink product or any other product offered by Reliv. There are no return policies found, no testimonials and no reviews.

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  • The product may increase energy.
  • A complete ingredient list is offered.


  • There is no official website for the Innergize Sports Drink product.
  • No return policy could be found.
  • No testimonials could be found.
  • No pricing information is listed on the Reliv website for Innergize Sports Drink.


The ingredient list offers very little support for the person trying to lose weight. The Innergize Sports Drink is a product distributed by private people who sign up to sell the product. The main website does not put the viewer in contact with any of these distributors. On top of that, the viewer needs to register with the distributor in order to buy online.

We tend to support weight loss supplements that contain proven fat burners and proven appetite suppressant. While energy is essential, there is no use offering a product that cannot be found for sale online. It is our choice not to support the Innergize Sports Drink product at this time.

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2 User Reviews about Innergize Sports Drink

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    Perhaps you need to research Reliv Innergise a bit more as it is an Electrolyte Drink that has a US Patent, tastes great and works. Innergize is NOT a weight loss product; Just check the Reliv website and contact the office in your country and they will put you in contact with a distributor.


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    Joyce Shirley

    I have used the Innergize along with Reliv’s Classic and lost 13lbs in 2 months. I found all the ingredients and benefits for both on the website. As far as finding a distributor, just call the main office and they can set you up. Also, I tried it because they do offer a 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee.