Isatori Sub-Test Review

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Body builders and weightlifters have long used performance enhancing products designed to promote muscle growth and repair, and to allow them to train longer and harder. These products range from protein products to vitamin supplements designed to promote blood flow and oxygenation to products designed to encourage hormone production in the body. Isatori Sub-Test is a testosterone-based product that its manufacturers claim will improve muscle mass and strength.

List Of Ingredients

The product includes Tribulus terrestis extract, Epimedium extract, 7-methoxyflavone, Testofen, Nettle extract, Yohimbine, Fruitex-B, Resveratrol, Calcium-D-glucarate, Turkesterone, Hesperitin.

Product Details

The product is designed so that it is immediately absorbed into the system, and users are encouraged to place one tab of the product under their tongue, letting it dissolve. Users are advised to take Isatori Sub-Test melt-tabs twice daily, with the first serving taken before breakfast, and the second before working out. The product should be taken with water, and not prior to sleeping. The product costs $72 for a 40 serve bottle, which is twenty days’ supply.

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  • Plenty of information about the product available online on the company’s website
  • Testimonials are available online


  • The product is not designed to be a weight loss supplement
  • The product may have serious side effects for some users
  • The product is expensive


While hormone-based products are becoming popular amongst the bodybuilding and weightlifting elite, these products can have wide-ranging side effects that can be quite severe in some users. These products are in no way designed to help users lose weight; on the contrary, they are designed to help users bulk up and build muscle. Moreover, the use of hormones to achieve such results is concerning, particularly given how easily hormonal imbalances can occur, and the serious consequences that may result. In addition, the combination of the other ingredients of this product, many of which are known to induce particular side effects in some users, may result in users feeling some degree of discomfort. The manufacturers strictly advise against this product being used by young men, women, and those with any sort of pre-existing health condition, and also advise that potential customers consult with a doctor before beginning a course of the product. In addition to the effects of the hormones included in this product, Isatori Sub_test contains a number of stimulants that may result in jitteriness or insomnia in some users. Given that this product is not designed to help promote weight loss, and that may have adverse effects on some users, those wishing to lose weight would be better off looking for a product that is more tailored to their needs. This product should certainly not be used on a long-term basis.

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