Iso-Pro Low Carb Protein Review

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Iso-Pro Low Carb Protein is a product that some people think could be used as a weight loss agent. It is manufactured in Canada, and it is self proclaimed as being and unbeatable protein supplement. Due to the rising inquisitiveness of people wanting to know if protein supplements are effective as weight loss agents, this review will be used for displaying information about the said product so the effectiveness of Iso-Pro Low Carb Protein as a weight loss agent can be measured.


The ingredients are often examined in a product so that they can be broken down to determine each one’s function in the product. It appears as though the ingredient listing for Iso-Pro Low Carb Protein is very simple. The active ingredients that are listed are Whey protein and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Whey protein-first of all, it should be noted that whey is a derivative of cheese that is made from regular cow’s milk. The whey is collected from the cheese, still possessing the proteins. It is used very often for the strengthening of muscles in people that are interested in creating more muscle mass, such as body builders and athletes. Alpha Lipoic Acid-this is a powerful antioxidant that may be found in certain foods. It is said that it has the ability to boost energy levels and prevent carbohydrates from being converted into sugars.

Product Features

Iso-Pro Low Carb Protein is said to be composed of nothing but pure whey protein. It only contains 1 gram of carbohydrates and may even be good for lactose intolerant people because it has an extremely low quantity of lactose. Because of the high grade whey protein that Iso-Pro Low Carb Protein uses in it’s products, it is though to have better absorption capabilities. It also comes in different flavors that can be added to water or juice. The flavors that you can find it in are Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, and natural flavors.

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  • May be beneficial for people that use low carbohydrate-high protein diets.
  • Has many flavors to choose from.


  • Does not contain any appetite suppressants.
  • Seems to be more targeted toward body builders.
  • Lacks proof of being a weight loss agent.


Iso-Pro Low Carb Protein appears to be a good supplement to use if someone is wanting to lift weights or if they are an athlete. When the possibility of it being an effective weight loss agent was examined, it was found that it lacked proof in certain areas. While it may provide the consumer with energy and slightly speed the metabolism, there is still no type of appetite suppressant present. When searching for a weight loss product it is usually best to find one that has already been proven by a reputable, well established company to work.

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