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Isobreathing is another product that fits into the “alternative” category of weight loss programs. Isobreathing claims that anyone can lose 5 inches in the very first week if they follow the program exactly. The official website is highly geared toward women of all ages and physical condition. This program reminds us of a show from public television called “Sit and Be Fit”, which featured an older woman exercising in a chair. If you are a fan of that show, you may very well be interested in what Isobreathing has to offer.

If you read the entire Isobreathing website you will realize that there is much more to the program than simply breathing. It does claim that to benefit from this program you only need to exercise and stretch once per day, and that the entire exercise time is less than 15 minutes. The breathing portion of the Isobreathing program is meant to be repeated five times per day, but can this routine can be done anywhere you happen to be at that time of day. A large section of the official Isobreathing website explains about the three biggest factors to losing weight. These are: Nutrition, Aerobics, and Exercise/Strength Training/Stretching.

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Product Features

The most appealing feature of Isobreathing is the fact that anyone can do it. This program might actually accomplish something for those either in a fragile condition, or for those who are severely overweight and unable to participate in conventional forms of exercise.

The official Isobreathing website offers many products available. The most popular are the Isobreathing DVDs which cost around $30.00 each. There are four DVDs total that vary depending on your experience with the program. There are also relaxation CDs and a very unique DVD that focuses on stretches for those who enjoy knitting and crocheting. The official website also sells a water bottle and an “Isoband” (large rubber band for resistance training.)

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  • Exercises are suitable for the disabled, elderly, and severely overweight.
  • Mild exercises such as thouse encouraged by Isobreathing are easy on the joints and bones.


  • No free trial is available on the official website.
  • There are no diet supplements of any kind available to accompany this product.
  • Many people become demotivated and lose interest in “work out at home type” products.


Isobreathing is definitely something different offered on the diet market. We can’t recommend Isobreathing for those looking to lose a lot of weight very quickly, but if you know someone who is confined to a wheelchair or has mobility problems, Isobreathing might be something they could use and enjoy. The fact that any person of any age can use this program is a plus.

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