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Jenny Direct is a new addition to the Jenny Craig weight loss family. Dieters no longer have to visit a local Jenny Craig to order food. Now, they can order meals online and have them delivered to the home for the same price, plus shipping and handling. The Jenny Direct program is interchangeable with the in center program, so dieters can change to home delivery when they are too busy to visit the center and back to the center program, as desired. The Jenny Direct program is available across the United States, so a local Jenny Craig is no longer required to follow the Jenny Craig weight loss program.

Jenny Direct offers the same combination of exercise, weight loss meals and consultations as the center program. Dieters simply order meals online and record progress through the trackers available on Not all dieters will be approved for the Jenny Craig program, so a phone consultation is required before the dieter is allowed to sign up for Jenny Craig. The company does not reveal what criteria are used to choose who is approved for the program. There is a $1 per pound fee charged in addition to the cost of Jenny Direct foods. This fee is applicable for up to 50 pounds lost in the first six months. Losing more than 50 pounds may increase the price per pound. Jenny Craig is the only weight loss program that charges fees per pound lost.

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Jenny Craig is a weight loss program that promotes healthy food choices and exercise. The program has worked for many people, including a long list of celebrities, but weight loss comes at a price, literally. Dieters that lose more are charged more. If a dieter is extremely successful and loses more than 50 pounds in six months, they may be charged more money for each pound lost over 50 pounds, according to the fine print.

The meal delivery system is based on total calories allowed per day. In addition to purchasing meals from Jenny Direct, the dieter must purchase fruits, vegetables and dairy products. There are also free foods allowed on the plan, but we have no idea what foods are included on the list.

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  • Jenny Direct supports healthy eating and exercise.
  • Meals are delivered directly to the home.


  • Losing more weight means paying a higher fee.
  • The meals are expensive.
  • Not every dieter will be approved for the plan.


The Jenny Direct program allows dieters to stay at home and lose weight. Meals are delivered on two-week or four-week cycles. Meals are never auto-shipped. Dieters choose from 80 meals to personalize the diet plan.

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