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Jillian Michaels has authored several books aimed at teaching dieters how to eat and workout to achieve a better body and improved health. Many of the books are fitness based with a huge connection to her days spent as the trainer on the Biggest Loser. Even the picture on the front of most books displays Michaels in workout gear, but there is always another side to the story. In Jillian Michaels Unlimited, the celebrity personal trainer takes on dieting and weight loss in a completely different manner. Michaels finally reveals a different side and attempts to help the reader achieve the best LIFE they can with more than just weight loss and fitness.

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Book from Jillian Michaels on how to live an Unlimited life.

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The newest book from Jillian Michaels, Unlimited, is a more personal book than any published by the author. The book focuses on weight loss and fitness, as that is the heart of Jillian’s life, but more than that, it focuses on how the reader can be the best person they can be by living life without limitations.

From the start, Jillian Michaels Unlimited attacks the basic, simplistic principles in other self-help books. She states, “Many self-help books offer a lot of new age platitudes and sappy mantras…that’s not how it works, and you know it.” According to Jillian Michaels Unlimited, everyone has the ability to live a purpose-driven life if they just given themselves the opportunity to live the best life they can.

The book is like a companion to diet and exercise. Everyone knows the simple formula for weight loss – eat less and move more, but why can’t everyone live a thin, health life if it is that simple? According to Michaels, we all live with demons and addictions and few of us understand how to let go of those inhibiting factors to achieve weight loss, improved health and physical fitness. In an attempt to help people live better, Michaels works with readers to release the negative suppressors so they can lose weight.

The book sells on Amazon.com for $14. Used copies may be available for less.

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  • Addresses weight loss as part of a life change.
  • The book is less expensive than other self-help books.
  • Offers more than a diet and exercise program.


  • Not everyone has excess baggage to deal with.


Many dieters try a new diet and exercise plan only to fall off a few days after starting. The yo-yo diet cycle happens because dieters have no idea how to let go of the mental issues suppressing the life they want to lead. Jillian Michaels Unlimited is a great book that helps the reader lives the best life with simple changes.

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