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Krill Oil is harvested from tiny, shrimp-like creatures found in the ocean. The process of harvesting oil from krill is new and not without some concern from Marine biologists. Krill, from which krill oil is taken, is the bottom food group in a long chain of animals living throughout Antarctica. Without sufficient amounts of Krill, other species may begin to see reduced numbers of animals on which they feed.

List of Ingredients

Oil from the krill.

Product Features

Due to the relatively new process of oil extraction, krill oil leaves many supplemental questions. A few studies performed on krill oil have noted its effect on premenstrual syndrome. In terms of weight loss, no studies have been completed, but krill oil offers a rich supply of Omega 3 fatty acids, which have been studies quite significantly by the medical world and supplement industry.

Omega 3 fatty acids offer antioxidant effects on the body that can help heal cells damaged by free radicals. Tracing the repair of these cells down the human functionality line, one may eventually see a link between Omega 3s, krill oil and weight loss. This link, however, will be minute at best. Weight loss supplements commonly increase metabolism and fat burn by increasing heart rate. On some level, stimulation of the heart needs to occur for this to happen and krill oil does not provide this stimulation.

Krill oil can be found through specialty supplement shops online and offline. Due to the intricate process completely to extract the oil, supplements can be priced higher than other Omega 3 fatty acid supplements. It is not uncommon to pay as much as $50 a bottle for krill oil.

When choosing krill oil, it is important to choose a mercury free supplement. Ingesting large amounts of mercury can lead to fatal side effects. In addition, studies performed on Antarctic fish and Antarctic krill have shown significant signs of toxins. Supplements should not be manufactured from fish or krill residing in these waters.

Krill oil is comprised of three elements – fish oil type omega 3s, phospholipid type omega 3s and an antioxidant. The price of the supplement does not necessarily mean one krill oil capsule will be more effect than say three different supplements offering the same support.

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  • Krill oil can be found for sale online.


  • Prices are much higher for krill oil than any other omega 3 supplement.
  • Effect on weight loss or weight management is a stretch.
  • Some krill has been found to be toxic.
  • Mercury could be found in some krill oil supplements.


Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants are great for improving health, but the connection with weight loss is minimal at best. Fat burners are available to increase metabolism and calorie burn.

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  • 1
    Barbara Turner

    A recent hair analysis has shown toxic levels of mercury 1.43 and cadmium 0.09.As I don’t eat a lot of fish I can only put this down to Krill oil which I have been taking for the last year for eye problems. I have now stopped taking krill and have started Chelation Theraphy to remove these toxins.I was recommended Thera Tears Nutrition but it has 1600mg of Omega 3 Fatty Acids from fish oil and 1000mg of Flaxseed oil.
    Has anyone else noticed an increase in mercury since taking Krill or Fish Oil?
    Thanks Barbara


  • 2

    I am on Omega3 twice a day and am a leukemia patient with low symptoms. I just found oourt about Krill and through a fluje in billing/ordering have 4 btls on hand.. can I drop the Omega 3 and go onto Krill???


  • 3
    Dee Buterbaugh

    Should a person taking krill oil take a baby asprin. Does krill oil have blood thining qualities?


  • 4
    palma armenia

    Has anyone reported any rash associated with taking of Krill