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Kyolic is known as a garlic supplement used to support overall heart and body health. Included in the Kyolic line are several supplements focused on other areas including immune system support and digestion. There is an official website for all Kyolic supplements complete with ingredient lists and nutritional information. Direct ordering from this website is not supported, but many of the products can be found for sale online and offline.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients will vary based on supplement purchased from Kyolic.

Product Features

In terms of weight loss, Kyolic offers a complete line of greens and probiotics. These are commonly included in herbal weight loss products as cleansing ingredients, but can be taken for reasons other than cleansing. Greens tend to include phytonutrients, which often claim to increase energy naturally without stimulation. Stimulants are typically used in diet aids to increase heart rate and metabolism, but natural greens will not have this effect.

Probiotics have grown in popularity in recent years due to the increased use of antibiotics. Probiotics are essential bacteria that live in the digestive system and help break down food for better absorption. When antibiotics are taken, probiotics levels can be reduced and digestion may suffer. Kyolic offers acidophilus and food enzymes as part of the digestive supplements. Food enzymes included are protease, lactase, lipase and amylase.

While good digestion and natural energy are important to some dieters, these supplements will not work to increase weight loss the way diet aids will work. There are no appetite suppressants or stimulants in the Kyolic line that means no increased calorie burn which leads to weight loss. Products like those offered by Kyolic are commonly taken along with morning multi-vitamins for overall health support. Ingredients in many Kyolic supplements can also be found naturally in many foods. Kyolic supplements will vary in price based on retailer.

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  • Some Kyolic supplements could improve or support overall good health.
  • Products are offered offline in a large number of pharmacies and grocery retailers.
  • Some research information is listed in support of garlic and allycin.


  • Weight loss is not a significant side effect of taking Kyolic supplements.
  • Products are not available for sale from the official website.
  • Testimonials are not published online.


Kyolic may be good for overall health, but dieters will not see the energy boost or weight loss they desire from Kyolic supplements. Natural energy is good for every day needs, but stimulation and a strong energy boost is needed to push farther in the gym and work harder at home. These will both increase calorie burn and decrease weight. Kyolic can be considered part of a multi-vitamin health program, but not a weight loss supplement line.

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