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Lean for Life is a weight management system created by Dr. Marshall Stamper in the early 1970’s. The premise of the system is to offer dieters a solution to weight management and assist individuals achieve weight loss in a medically supervised environment. Lean for Life is offered through Lindora Clinic and Lindora Clinic Online. The program uses a four-step approach in order to produce results. However, the results are not cheap. Dieters could potentially spend thousands of dollars on weight management, with no guarantee of weight loss.

List of Ingredients


  • Personalized weight management.

Product Features

Lean for Life is a four-step approach to a healthier lifestyle. The program focuses on medical supervision, lifestyle focus, one-on-one counseling from the nursing staff and nutrition education. Once dieters change behaviors, they have the ability to change their lives. The program comes at a cost. Lean for Life is expensive. There was no information relating to the price of visiting Lindora Clinic, but the online version of Lean for Life start at $480. The programs are a series of online calls for success.

When dieters visit the official website, you have the ability to embrace the Lean for Life lifestyle. You have access to the varying programs, support and accessories. The meals used during Lean for Life are available for purchase online. As mentioned above, Lean for Life is expensive.

The true benefit of Lean for Life is the medical supervision. Dieters have the opportunity to communicate with personnel who are knowledgeable about weight management and will steer them in the right direction.

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  • There is an extensive online community of like-minded individuals.
  • Physicians support the program.
  • Individuals receive personalized attention from medical staff.
  • The program has been in existence for more than 40 years.


  • Lean for Life is expensive.


If you can afford Lean for Life, the program could possibly be the solution to weight management. The downside of the program includes the locations. There are only 44 locations across the U.S. As mentioned before, the price is a huge concern. The online version of Lean for Life easily exceeds $400 for one session. The average time spent on the program is 10 weeks. The cost could possibly exceed $4,000. This is not including additional spending, including meals and visits to Lindora Clinic.

We did like the attention dieters receive from the Lindora Clinic staff. You will receive attention from medical staff, clinicians and one-on-one online counseling from registered nurses. If cost is no concern, the attention could be the deciding factor. The result is improved weight loss and overall better health and wellbeing.

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