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Lean System 7 is an “advanced metabolic supplement formula” that is claimed to help with weight loss. This diet product is manufactured by iSatori. Lean System 7 aims to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle, while boosting the metabolism and energy levels. In order to be truly successful, the manufacturer recommends that Lean System 7 be incorporated with healthy eating and regular fitness routines. This diet supplement sells for $39.99 (120 capsules) on the official iSatori website. Lean System 7 is offered with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, which lasts for 60 days after the purchase.

Lean System 7 does not contain Ephedrine. This product is claimed to help the body burn off fat all day long. Buying this product also gets you access to dieting “tools” offered via the official website. These consist of a message board, free recipes, workout tips and a dietary plan. Lean System 7 should be taken daily with water, but not by those who’re under the age of 18. Unlike some dietary supplements and weight loss drugs, Lean System 7 endeavors to pinpoint problem areas and help reduce fat, but never muscle.

List of Ingredients

Primary ingredients listed for Lean System 7 are 7-Keto (comes from the DHEA hormonal steroid), Guarana (aids with “long term” weight loss), Yerba Mate (offers Vitamin C), Citrus aurantium (helps burn fat), green tea extract (assists metabolism and immune system), Dandelion and Bioperine (boosts metabolism).

No full list is given.

Product Features

Lean System 7 is a weight reduction supplement that is geared toward both men and women. This product comes in capsule form and aims to help shed unwanted body fat. The main active component found in Lean System 7 is 7-Keto, which is claimed to enhance the immune system and aid the body in burning fat. Other key ingredients are Guarana (aids with “long term” weight loss), Yerba Mate (offers Vitamin C), Citrus aurantium (helps burn fat), green tea extract (assists metabolism and immune system), Dandelion and Bioperine (boosts metabolism). Lean System 7 sells online for $39.99, for approximately a one-month supply.

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  • Lean System 7 can be conveniently purchased through the official website.
  • Lean System 7 contains green tea extract, which is known for strengthening the immune system.
  • Lean System 7 is sold with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Official iSatori website offers a free trial sample of Lean System 7.


  • Some individuals may be allergic to certain ingredients found in Lean System 7.
  • Lean System 7 contains caffeine.
  • The product label fails to reveal the amount of each ingredient.
  • The official iSatori website lacks sufficient clinical evidence concerning Lean System 7 as an effective and safe weight loss supplement.
  • A healthy diet and regular exercise may also be required for Lean System 7 to work.


Lean System 7 is certainly a weight loss supplement that makes a lot of promises. Although many of these claims will sound appealing to some dieters, it’s difficult to tell if they’re all actually true. While it’s notable that Lean System 7 contains natural ingredients like green tea extract, it also contains stimulants like caffeine, which are known for pulling water off of the muscles. In the end, it would be wise to consult your physician before trying a diet drug like Lean System 7. This way you can be clearer on what it contains and what potential side effects may be involved.

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    Muhammad Adnan Tallat

    i am 18 years old and 5 “11 in size….i do 1 hour workout daily… which is p90x kenpo…will it work for me..if yes, can you plz give me the directions.. i am looking forward to buy it…thnx…bye


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