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Leptin is one of the hormones which plays a role in the metabolism and appetite. The hormone was discovered in 1994, making its research and science very young in comparison to the other weight loss and diet studies available today. We know that because it is released from fat cells, the amount of leptin in your body is proportional to the amount of fat you have in your body. One theory is that obese people have developed a form of “leptin resistance” which causes the body to stop responding to the signals it gets from leptin, which in turn causes it to produce more leptin, slowing down the metabolism and increasing the appetite/hunger signals. There are a few different leptin based diets available today which may be worth considering.

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There are three main leptin diets worth considering if you believe you have an issue with leptin resistance. The diets are: The Rosedale Diet, the Fat Resistant Diet, and Mastering Leptin. The Rosedale Diet is a program by Dr. Ron Rosedale. In the program, he discusses different dietary approaches you can take to help the leptin imbalance issues. By following the program, you can restore the balance in leptin production, thereby making it easier to lose weight. The Fat Resistant Diet is a program written by Leo Galland. Though it is primarily a program based on anti-inflammatory foods, he also discusses leptin and the role in plays in your weight. Mastering Leptin is a book written in 2004 by Bryon Richards. His diet is based on five different concepts, but we cannot list them here due to publisher request. The idea behind all of these programs is that you must reset your body and allow it to become sensitive to the leptin hormone again.

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  • Addresses a hormonal cause of weight gain and appetite control.
  • Provides a well balanced diet.


  • As leptin was only discovered in 1994, the research to support it is still in its youth.
  • We are not given clear dietary requirements for programs such as these.
  • There is no word on whether exercise is required when following a dietary program to address leptin resistance.


Though a leptin resistance problem makes sense logically as the potential cause of your weight gain, it is best to speak with a medical professional about this issue before self-treating with a diet to correct it. As long as you follow a balanced diet and work out on a regular basis, you should see weight loss without deprivation. If you want to add more to your weight loss efforts, then you should take a proven appetite suppressant or fat burner.

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