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Leucine is an essential branch chained amino acid. It is not produced naturally by the body but is found in protein rich foods such as beans, nuts, brown rice and animal foods rich in protein such as beef. Some research has shown than Leucine helps maintain muscle mass while reducing body fat during periods of weight loss.


Leucine is an essential branch chained amino acid.

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Leucine has a number of roles to play in the body and is sold as a stand-alone supplement, as well as being an ingredient in some products that claim to help you lose weight and help you to increase your energy levels. Leucine assists in the regulation of blood sugar levels, and thus can be helpful for those who suffer from varying blood sugar levels. The fact that it is said to increase energy levels as well as help maintain muscle mass has made it a popular supplement for those who work out.

A Brazilian study carried out on rats has shown that Leucine helps maintain muscle mass while reducing body fat during weight loss. However such studies do not necessarily procure the same results when carried out on humans. Some human studies have been carried out which do show that Leucine does seem to help reduce body fat, but they have not been carried out on a large enough controlled scale for them to be reliable. Leucine supplements can be ordered from a number of online shops. They are reasonably priced, but none of the manufacturers of Leucine supplements seem to offer a money back guarantee upon purchase or an offer of a free trial period. The weight loss supplements that contain Leucine can also be ordered online.

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  • Leucine supplements are said to help provide the body with energy.
  • Leucine supplements are said to be effective in stabilizing blood sugar levels in the body.
  • Leucine is available as a stand-alone supplement which can be ordered online and as an ingredient in some weight loss supplements.


  • A number of the trials carried out regarding Leucine have been carried out on animals, not humans.
  • The testimonials available on the web regarding Leucine are scarce.
  • Leucine is not the only amino acid available for sale which is said to reduce body fat during weight loss.
  • There is no clinical evidence that Leucine is more effective than other amino acids available for sale which are said to reduce body fat.


There simply is not enough reliable evidence available to state conclusively that Leucine will help reduce your body fat during weight loss. Although it may very well help with your energy levels and be useful to stabilize blood sugar levels we do not believe that it is the miracle solution that some of us are looking for to help us lose weight.

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    I am looking for powdered leucine, can I just buy capsules to sprinkle into a shake?