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Lipo Dissolve is a weight reduction procedure that involves “micro-injections” that are administered to dissolve fat deposits. This procedure came about in the early 1980’s and was developed in Italy. The professionals who administer these injections claim that the process has improved since then. Basically, Lipo Dissolve is supposed to be a less invasive alternative to more harsh procedures like liposuction. One business that offers Lipo Dissolve treatments is BodyLase Skin Spa, which is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. An official website is offered to provide further details. A before and after photo is presented on the website. Lipo Dissolve can range from $375-$1500 for a single treatment. The number of treatments needed will vary from person to person.

Some of the key areas Lipo Dissolve is used to address are the chin, buttocks, thighs, upper arms and stomach. However, Lipo Dissolve treatments can also target the hips, love handles, back, knees and cellulite areas. Some side effects that may occur from Lipo Dissolve procedures are swelling, bruising of the skin and aching. Three to four days is a common recovery time. It appears that ingredients incorporated into the Lipo Dissolve injections are Alpha Lipid Acid, Enzymes, Phosphatidylcholine (soybean extract), Plant Extracts and Deoxycholate. A healthy diet plan and regular exercise are not addressed as part of the Lipo Dissolve procedure. It is not stated whether or not this weight loss procedure is offered with guaranteed results.

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Lipo Dissolve is a fat reduction treatment that is suitable for men and women alike. This procedure involves a series of “micro-injections” that are administered to dissolve fat deposits. Lipo Dissolve aims to reduce body fat from the chin, buttocks, thighs, upper arms and stomach. The primary components involved with this procedure are Alpha Lipid Acid, Enzymes, Phosphatidylcholine (soybean extract), Plant Extracts and Deoxycholate. There have been some clinical trials and studies performed for Lipo Dissolve treatments. Unfortunately no customer testimonials can be found via an official website. The cost of Lipo Dissolve can vary from $375-$1500 per treatment.

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  • There have been some clinical trials performed for Lipo Dissolve.
  • Lipo Dissolve is an alternative to more invasive procedures like liposuction.


  • There are no specific diet plans or fitness regimens recommended with Lipo Dissolve treatments.
  • Some side effects apply to Lipo Dissolve procedures, such as body aches, bruising and swelling.
  • There are no convenient appetite suppressants involved with Lipo Dissolve.
  • Lipo Dissolve treatments can range anywhere from $375-$1500 per treatment, and more than one treatment may be necessary.
  • Lipo Dissolve treatments involve something called “micro-injections,” which may be too invasive/painful for some individuals.
  • There is not likely a money-back guarantee offered with Lipo Dissolve procedures (these are done in spas and clinics).
  • Some ingredients found in Lipo Dissolve injections may not be suitable for some individuals.


All in all, Lipo Dissolve is one of the more extreme weight reduction procedures compared to most oral diet supplements currently available. While this fat reduction treatment may be less invasive than liposuction, it’s probably still too invasive for some individuals who are merely seeking a painless supplement that can be taken with ease. Finally, Lipo Dissolve treatments come with a hefty price tag ($375-1500 per treatment), which may not be affordable for all men and women. Make certain you consult a physician prior to having any Lipo Dissolve treatments done.

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    I had Lipodissolve injections in my hips years ago. The technician at BodyLase was wonderful making the procedure as painless as possible by applying ice packs. I had fantastic results especially when considering the fact that I was fighting against heredity. The fat has never returned to my hips! I would recommend this procedurd to anyone. Now, I am looking to have it done to my upper arms.


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    sharon kirk

    could dibetic people used lipo dissolve.


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