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Millions of dieters throughout the world struggle with weight management, especially fat loss. They have attempted diet supplements, fitness programs and even surgery. Although surgery is the last result, there are options on the table producing non-invasive results. LipoGenie is laser treatment system producing noticeable fat loss based upon clinical trials. Dieters visit a clinic and subsequently purchase the equipment for home use. Is LipoGenie the miracle cure to stubborn fat-loss? We will take a closer look at the system to find out.

List of Ingredients


  • Laser fat-loss system.

Product Features

LipoGenie is a fat-loss system based upon using lasers to break down fat cells. Once the fat cells break down, the body uses the cells as fuel for the body. There is a variety of lasers available to purchase. There is a LipoGenie available for fat-loss, reduction of bags near the eyes, reduction of stretch marks and smoking cessation. Dieters will receive laser goggles, support materials, laser probes and a multi-base unit. There is no information relating to the cost of LipoGenie. We can only assume the product is expensive due to the company offering financing opportunities.

The parent company provides information relating to clinical trials. This is impressive, considering many health and wellness companies do not provide this type of information. We have to not that although LipoGenie provides clinical trials; you will need to engage in a fitness regimen consisting of a healthy diet, regular exercise and supplementation in order to achieve long-term weight management.

Although LipoGenie provides information relating to the effectiveness of the product and the services, there is a downside of the product. You will need to visit the United Kingdom to receive treatment. The services are not available in the United States. This fact alone negates the benefits of the non-invasive treatments.

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  • The treatments are non-invasive.
  • The company provides clinical trials available to view.
  • Licensed technicians perform the procedures.
  • After training, dieters perform treatments.
  • LipoGenie provides scientific research associated with the procedure.


  • The clinics are located in the United Kingdom.
  • The cost is expensive.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.


We like the information provided by LipoGenie. The company provides clinical trials of the product as well as scientific research supporting the claims. We have to note the price. There is no information relating to the cost of the treatments or the cost of the equipment. We also have to note the cost of visiting a clinic, considering the clinics are located in the UK. Although the benefits are proven on the official website, this procedure may not be an option for the budget-conscience dieter.

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