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Liposhape is described by its developers as a procedure to aid in fat sculpting and removal. the treatment is offered by Reveal MedSpa. The company has apparently discontinued the treatment and has replaced it with a similar treatment called LaserLipo. This LaserLipo is reportedly more effective than its predecessor. LaserLipo combines some of the procedures of Liposhape along with surgical liposuction procedures and delivers them with laser technology. This supposedly achieves fat reduction but eliminates bruising and the need for stitches. The recovery time for Liposhape was longer than that reported for LaserLipo. This updated method is alleged to be able to remove pockets of fat from the abdomen, upper arms, back, thighs, face, chin, neck and jowls.

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Reveal MedSpa claims LaserLipo is the update to Liposhape and is not a weight loss procedure. The company reports the client should already be close to their goal weight and only 10 pounds can be lost through the treatment. Reportedly the treatment is designed for areas resistant to diet and exercise. The LaserLipo treatment is suppose to extract fat during the treatment and 10 pounds is the maximum amount it can take out. A laser is supposed to be used during the normal liposuction procedure. The laser is supposed to heat the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. This allegedly helps to tighten and tone the skin and increasing the recovery process. The heating of the laser is suppose to help turn fat into a liquid so it is easier to remove. The client is given no general anesthesia and stitches are not required. Reportedly, the client can go back to their regular routine in 48 hours.

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  • Quick recovery time.
  • No general anesthesia required.
  • No stitches required and is suppose to be less invasive than its predecessor.


  • Limited amounts of weight can be lost through the procedure, only 10 pounds. This requires the client to be at their ideal weight.
  • The procedure is expensive.


Liposhape has been replaced by a reportedly less invasive alternative to it and to liposuction. The replacement is called LaserLipo and was developed by the same company as Liposhape. The company claims no stitches are required and there is less bruising and a shorter recovery time when compared to traditional body sculpting methods. The company claims the client can resume their regular schedule and routines in 48 hours after the procedure. Clients who are already near their targeted weight may choose to use this procedure for specific areas that are hard to shape through diet and exercise alone. The procedure is costly and the providers of the service are not available in all areas.

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    What is the side effects and will the fat return?