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What You Should Know

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According to the product website, Lipoway is marketed as an all natural “stomach blocker” that can safely and effectively help you lose weight. The company that manufactures this product is Micro Nutra, which adds that their supplement can also improve regularity and increase energy levels. We will examine the ingredients in more detail to see if the formula in Lipoway can actually make good on its promises.

Both the product and the company websites for Lipoway lack substantial information, which includes must-have info like a complete ingredient list. The customer testimonials make it appear that you can continue to eat whatever you want while on this supplement and still drop pounds. Since we firmly believe that the key to successful weight loss is a program that combines diet, exercise and a quality supplement, we are rather skeptical of these claims and prefer when a company touts a nutritious, low-calorie diet program as a part of healthy lifestyle overall.

List of Ingredients

It appears that there is only one ingredient in Lipoway, which is called “lipowatricol”, on the product website. This seems to be a fancy name for glucomannan or Konhac root fiber. Konhac root fiber has shown promise in studies as an appetite suppressant. It works by bonding with water to form a gel in the stomach that will provide a feeling of fullness. The fiber in the product is also supposed to be effective in promoting regularity in the digestive system, which can reduce constipation and intestinal bloating.

Product Features

While Konhac root fiber can be effective in suppressing the appetite, it is far from the most potent ingredient out there for appetite suppression. We prefer to see ingredients like hoodia gordonii used for this purpose because the track record for results is much higher. We also want to note that there is no proven fat burner in the Lipoway formula like Advantra Z. We believe that the most effective weight loss formulas will combine an appetite suppressant with a fat burner for best results.

One of our concerns with Lipoway is the lack of a money-back guarantee on opened products. In fact, Micro Nutra states that it will not even accept returns for allergic reactions, stating that the ingredients are listed on the website and that it is the consumer’s responsibility to check with their doctor before purchasing the product. Since we are unsure if Lipoway contains any ingredients besides Konhac root fiber, we find this policy to be unreasonable, bordering on irresponsible.

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  • The product contains a proven appetite suppressant, Konhac root fiber.


  • The ingredient used is not the most effective one available to suppress appetite.
  • There is no money back guarantee available on opened packages.
  • We are uncertain about whether we have a complete list of ingredients.


While the main ingredient listed in Lipoway is an effective appetite suppressant, it is not the most potent choice available. Without a money back guarantee and, considering the uncertainty over whether all ingredients are disclosed on the company website, we believe there are more effective choices available to those wishing to lose weight.

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