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LipoZap is a procedure for either men or women that aims to assist with improving the physique. This weight reduction procedure was developed by MedAesthetica Medical Group, Inc., which is a company found in the beauty hot-spots of Los Angeles and Orange County, California. It claims to “flatten out stubborn bulges without surgery.” Unfortunately, the official website is currently under construction and cannot be viewed in its entirety. This procedure does not appear to involve diet pills or appetite suppressants.

This medical procedure is basically known as a “combination treatment.” Unlike many other weight loss programs and diet systems, this process involves circumferential reduction. Essentially the procedure endeavors to “improve the contours of your body, but without actual surgery.” It’s difficult to determine if any customer testimonials are offered on the official website. However, it has supposedly been performed on thousands of individuals. There is no pricing offered on the official website. A 1-800 number is provided for individuals who are interested in learning more about how it works and whether or not it’s right for them. The official slogan for LipoZap is “Zap away those stubborn bulges.”

Product Features

This is not a standard diet pill, exercise program or weight reduction supplement. This is a procedure that’s done under the care of professionals. While it is not surgery, it is a “combination medical treatment.” It incorporates the use of a special tool/device that is stated to smooth out the body’s bulges. Unfortunately, since the official website is under construction, there is no way of determining what LipoZap procedures cost or whether any sort of money-back guarantee is offered. This “body contouring” procedure does appear to be marketed towards both men and women.

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  • The medical procedure involves a tool that’s approved by the FDA.
  • There’s a convenient 1-800 number provided online for individuals that would like to learn more.


  • There doesn’t appear to be any significant background information offered on the company that developed this procedure.
  • There are no appetite suppressants incorporated with the LipoZap procedure to help curb hunger.
  • The official website is currently not functional or accessible.
  • There are no customer testimonials viewable for at this time.
  • It is not specified whether or not these procedures come with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • There is no pricing offered for the procedures.


There’s no doubt that a weight reduction process such as LipoZap stands out amongst the countless others. However, there is a significant amount of information lacking in regards to this procedure at this time. First of all, it would be nice to see a functional website for the procedure, in addition to lacking features like customer testimonials, a money-back/satisfaction guarantee, current pricing for procedures, success rates, some background information on the company itself and any potential side effects that may occur with procedures. When all is said and done, it’s prudent to consult a physician for further details prior to trying something like this.

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