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Lite Slim is an herbal supplement that originated in Japan. It is said to curb the appetite and burn fat from the belly, thighs, butt and face. It is also said to regulate bowel movements, produce a craving for water, and reduce sugar cravings. Lite Slim is imported by a company out of the Philippines, and little information is available about the product. However, it is said to be 100% natural and safe.


Lite Slim contains Gingko bilboa, apple cider, Korean ginseng, cassia leaves, lotus leaves, rose extract, trumpet creeper extract, and evening primrose extract. It is unclear if this is a full list of ingredients.

Product Features

Lite Slim is an herbal supplement marketed for fast weight loss. It is said to suppress the appetite, and burn fat from targeted areas in the body. It is said to work by regulating bowel movements, which excretes the toxins and chemicals from the body, as well as through sweat. The consumer is said to always feel full, not crave sweets or sugar, and produce water cravings. The consumer is encouraged to eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water while taking this supplement. Consumers are said to expect a weight loss of 20-30 lbs in 3 months. Gingko bilboa is an antioxidant. Evening Primrose is used as an essential fatty acid supplement. The apple cider is used to promote bowel movements. This product may produce some initial side effects that are said to subside after the consumer’s body is used to the supplement. These side effects include mild dizziness, craving for water, mild heart palpitations, daily discharge of stool, sweating and a decrease in appetite and sex drive.

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  • Lite Slim is said to be 100% natural.
  • Lite Slim is said to offer a 20-30 lbs weight loss within 3 months.


  • Lite Slim has limited information available.
  • Lite Slim does not have clinical trial information available.
  • Lite Slim has several side effects that may be serious for some consumers.


Lite Slim is an herbal supplement from Japan. It is said to be an appetite suppressant and fat burner. Little information is available about this product, and the only website found is a blog site from a distributor. The distributor is located in the Philippines, and states that they send the product packaged in baggies because they receive it in bulk. The last time this site was updated was 2006. There is no clinical trial information available. Side effects reported for this product, including dizziness, palpitations, and decreased sex drive, may be serious for some consumers. Consumers with chronic conditions, such as heart conditions, high blood pressure, or gastric conditions should not take this product. All of these factors should have the consumer doing more research and consulting a physician prior to using this supplement.

Consumers looking for a weight loss supplement should find one with both a fat burner and appetite suppressant. This supplement should have a dedicated website that discloses all ingredients, and offers both testimonials and clinical trial information. The clinical trial information should prove the safety and effectiveness of the product. Before starting any supplement for weight loss, a consumer should contact a physician.

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