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Live-in-Fitness is a weight loss retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada. The retreat is patterned after the Biggest Loser television show where contestants live in a controlled environment and exercise up to 8 hours a day. Programs of this sort are not safe for every dieter. A personal physician should clear the dieter for this much exercise before signing up for the Live-in-Fitness program. The rates start at $375 per day for an individual and $325 per day when booked with a group. The lowest price a dieter can pay is $250 per day and this price requires booking a minimum of 4 weeks with a group.

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Live-in weight loss program.

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Dieters watch the Biggest Loser and awe at how the contestants can lose 10 or 20 pounds in just one week. The contestants are given shelter, food, personal trainers and emotional support, a huge factor in the weight loss success. There is also the 6 to 8 hours of workouts put in every day to boost metabolism. Debra Stefan is a Certified Fitness Trainer. The retreat offers four meals and two shakes, private bedroom and private bath. The price covers all food, lodging and personal training sessions. There is no mention of medical testing or emotional support.

The weight loss testimonials on the official Live-in-Fitness website are far from spectacular. After 42 days of dieting, out of 112, one dieter lost more than 50 pounds. The dieter started at 429 pounds and was male. Men tend to lose weight faster than women. There are testimonials on the website, but only a few have before and after photos of dieters. There is no mention of the foods included on the diet or the shakes served to dieters. We assume water and other beverages are included in the Live-in-Fitness price.

The cost of the Live-in-Fitness program is the problem. There are few dieters who could afford to pay about $300 per day to lose weight. Exercising 6 to 8 hours a day may improve metabolism, but when real life returns, the dieter will not have the time to workout this many hours. Dieters will also need to learn how to cook meals to maintain weight loss.


Constant exercise means increased weight loss.

Dieters are supplied healthy meals and snacks.


The price is more expensive than most other weight loss programs.

Live-in-Fitness does not list foods served to dieters.

May not be safe for all potential participants.


Live-in-Fitness is designed after a famous television show, but none of the trainers or personnel is affiliated with the show. Dieters pay a large sum of money for food, lodging and hours of exercise.

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