LuxSauna Review

Editor's Review: 2.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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LuxSauna is an infrared sauna system that was designed for removing impurities from the body. It relies on infrared heat waves to penetrate the body to remove disease-causing wastes and toxins. The manufacturers state that these waves penetrate deeply enough to release these toxins, but not deep enough to melt subcutaneous fat. LuxSPa’s representatives also claim that the LuxSauna can expedite weight loss, since using the LuxSauna will eliminate pounds of excess waste in the form of toxins and acids. They further claim that one hour in the sauna will burn 600 calories in one half-hour session. According to their research, the average American consumes a predominantly acid-rich diet that can overwhelm the body causing illness and fatigue. Traditional dieting, they argue, will not fully expel all of the acids that are stored. Only when the acid is excreted will the body allow for the elimination of stored fat. The manufacturers of the LuxSpa state that studies have shown that over 95% of disease is caused by a lack of oxygen. In this biochemical setting, it is argued, diseases such as cancer thrive. Users of the LuxSpa Sauna will also notice an improvement in skin tone, including younger, softer-looking skin. Additionally, users claim that they notice an decrease in their stress levels after several uses. It also reduces fatigue and strengthens the immune system. Other testimonials from other users include reports of a decrease in lower back pain, sciatica, joint pain, and headaches. Pain is a symptom of the body’s inability to rid itself of toxins, therefore, the LuxSauna can help its users

List of Ingredients

The LuxSauna infrared systems utilize infrared lighting systems to detox the body. The individual features depend upon the actual model. Most models are made out of 100% non-toxic, non-gassing solid Canadian Spruce Tongue and groove sauna construction.

Product Features

Product features depend upon the individual model involved. The Dual Force 1 Infrared Sauna, for instance, offers an adjustable temperature of up to 140F, a door with a window, a wooden bench and has internal and external lighting. It also features a CD music players with AM/FM radio with speakers.

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  • Manufacturers claim that the LuxSpa improves mental clarity and offers cardiovascular stimulation
  • Helps users lose weight
  • Burns calories
  • Disadvantages

  • Claims are not FDA-approved
  • Many of the manufacturer’s claims also lack clinical trials to support them
  • Conclusion

    The manufactures claim that the LuxSauna can cure a range of ailments from acne, fatigue, obesity, arthritis, and stress. However, many of these claims are rather broad in nature and should be taken with a degree of skepticism. Before using the LuxSauna spa system, be sure to consult your doctor.

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