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Lypothin, a weight loss supplement that claims to contain all-natural ingredients, does not bother with an ingredient list on the official website. Dieters can learn how to cut calories, lose weight with ease or order Lypothin, but if ingredients are the reason you visited the website you will be left without answers. We did find contact information for the customer service team behind the autoship program, which could mean all new orders are placed on autoship during the mentioned trial period. We did not notice any information about how long the trial period lasts or how long dieters have to cancel the autoship program before being charged. One bottle of Lypothin sells for more than $85 with shipping and handling.

List of Ingredients


  • No ingredients listed.

Product Features

No matter how high or low we searched, we did not find an ingredient list for Lypothin. We found mention of raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract in various comments left by dieters, but nothing concrete. We did, however, find information that should convince most dieters to skip Lypothin all together.

The diet pill is connected with Vici Marketing and fulfilled by a warehouse in Colorado. The warehouse is associated with various customer complaints as is Lypothin. The majority of the complaints claim the supplement is impossible to return and credit cards are charged for the full amount just 15 days after ordering, no matter if the product has been received or not during that time frame.

There are also reports of deceptive marketing using testimonials from Rachel Ray and Dr. Mehmet Oz, neither of whom is associated with Lypothin or Vici Marketing that we could tell.

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  • There is an official website for Lypothin.
  • The company claims to accept product returns with a return authorization number.
  • Contact information for Lypothin is listed on the website.


  • Lypothin does not share any of the ingredients.
  • There are complaints against the product, marketing company and fulfillment center.
  • Customers may notice a full charge for the free trial before they receive the product.


At no point in time should any dieter order a diet supplement without knowing the ingredients in the supplement. The ingredient could be dangerous or simply ineffective. Lypothin could essentially pack nothing more than sugar in a capsule and sell it as a dietary supplement for weight loss support and the dieter would be none-the-wiser. No testimonials, before and after photos or reviews of Lypothin are listed on the official website.

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  • 1
    Patricia Seitsinger

    I want to return unwanted unopened product and to cancel any further shipments immediately!!!


  • 2

    It’s all a scam – don’t buy anything!


  • 3

    Lypothin is a scam. The company stole my money and after I returned all product, the packages never having been opened, they received the packages and refused to credit me. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.


  • 4
    kathy phillips

    i received my trial order of lypothin. then i was sent another order which i refused, oner 100,oo dollars on my card. can you please tell me who to contact so i can get a refund. thanks


  • 5

    Same results as all above. It is impossible to cancel so have to dispute with your credit card company but takes time for results. I did have results for first 2 day but then experienced increased heart rate, tightness in my chest and pain in my neck so immediately discontinued using it and syptoms disappeared. It is time to report this company and force refunds for all of us trusting folks. The only reason I tried it is because Dr Oz and Rachel Ray pesumably recommended it. I’m pissed!!


  • 6
    Mary Ann Mann

    I only ordered your trial !. You continue to send me your product. I do not want it nor did I order a monthly supply from you. I have called and called but only get the automated. “Please hold all of our representives are with other customers” After 8 minutes I am disconnected. VERY FRUSTRATED! Please do not send or charge me for your products. Mary Ann Mann Customer ID 77933


  • 7

    I am also in the same position they took my money out of my acc’t and i didn’t receive the pills. i called and they offered me 1/2 also. i am calling my credit card holder to put a stop on lypothin products.scam is right.


  • 8
    Marjory Lyons



  • 9

    I would like to discontinue receiving packages of Lypothin. I am on other meds., and my doctor thinks Lypothin will cause my meds to lose it’s effectiveness, or cause me some reverse reactions by adding other meds. Please cancel me out, send no more. Thanks.
    J. Blase.


  • 10

    SCAM! Wish i had read this before ordering and losing $100!!!!!



    I ordered this as I saw a thing from Rachel Ray. Said this worked and no pressure. I live in Canada and when the product came, said I had extra time to cancel. I noticed a charge on my credit card. Called and was advised it was cancelled. They offered 50% off. Nearly a month later, received another charge. Called and had to call a couple of numbers. Was told it was cancelled and when product came, I could keep it. Received notice there was parcel for me at post office. I went to check and it was from Lipothin and requesting over $15.00 C.O.D. I did not accept it. How do we contact Rachel to tell her what a Scam this is!!!!


  • 11

    Went through the same as all above! Called & got RMA # Was told they had to be shipped back separately even tho both go to same address…..RIP OFF!! SCAM!!! My Postmaster told me I could mark it REFUSED & all would be OK……I paid $7.24 postage so as not to be charged $190.00 for something that DID NOT WORK!!! I wish I could reach others to save them the hassle!!


  • 12

    I actually liked this for the first week. I could see results. Then I started have cramping in by abdomen, all night. it was not right. I was so bummed because it was actually working on me. I called and they wanted to give me half off to keep the product (since its such a pain to mail back) I told them no way. And they billed me for $ 20.00. I will keep you posted if I get billed anymore. But the customer service was very nice, but I think everyone is correct this is a scam and unsafe.


  • 13

    So besides this being a total scam, does it really not work at all?


  • 14

    I only paid shipping for my trial of lypothin and active cleanse. I love them both, more energy, I sleep well, and have lost fifteen lbs in two weeks. I knew upfront that if I didn’t cancel in fourteen days I would be charged for another shipment. Experience so far good. |Waiting for my next shipment!!!!



    well i can send you mine. I never even opened it and they automatically billed me. It mustbof been in fine, fine print….crooks!


  • 15

    I took 2 of these vitamins, and broke out all over and had nausea and vomiting, very bad experience!!!!!


  • 16

    I ordered this and then read that it had caffeine in it to which I am allergic. I called customer service less than an hr after placing my order online and was told it had already shipped! I find this hard to believe. My card will be billed and I will need to call them to get a return authorization and have to pay to return it! Unbelievable–what a bunch of crooks! DON’T ORDER FROM THESE GUYS!!!


  • 17

    I also canceled my order with a very rude person named Dorothy. However even though she said she would cancel my account and all orders, I still received a new one today complete with a new charge. Is there a better business burough we can call?


  • 18

    Do not order this product. I did some online reading and found it was going to charge me for a full bottle. I called and canceled as well as blocked them from my Credit Card!



    This is such a scam!!!!! I am trying to return the product that is so falsely advertised!!!


  • 19

    Fullfillment Cventer
    22100 E 26th Ave – Suite #100
    Aurora Colorado 80019-3604


  • 20
    Mary Ann Thornam

    contact information for lypothin?


  • 21

    Do not buy this product. It doesn’t work and they bill you huge amounts and set you up on an automatic shipping.

    Don’t waste your time or money.


  • 22
    Barbara Bryant

    Kathy, my dates and yours coincide. I have the toll free number- 888-606-9353-which I called. They said that I did not call within the 14 day trial time, so I have been billed the $85.00 and all I got was an argumentative, well trained con artist who defended their practices. I wish I could let everybody know that this is not a company you want to deal with. By the way, if this is something that other people want to try, you can get the same product at Sam’s or Wal Mart for about $20.00, a far cry from the $90.00 that I paid. The cost of tuition in the school of hard knocks.



    I too was fooled!! this company needs to STOP their practices. I didn’t see the 14 day trial or be charged. thought I was pay for a trial product, very hard to see the auto charge if not returned. the fulfillment center- RUDE! They have been well trained to stand by and rip people off. I’m done with this product but NOT done….better business here I come!


  • 23
    janet ouzinian

    As of today I do not find any change in my weight. I Do not want this product and I have already been charged for it and I DO NOT WANT IT.


  • 24

    I ordered my lypothin on Feb 4, 2013. It wasn’t shipped until Feb 12…which means it probably got a shipping label on the 12th and was actually mailed on the 13th. I live in Oregon and it took 5 days from when the company said it was shipped for it to arrive in my mail box. By the time I got the lypothin, almost 2 weeks had passed. Next thing I knew, I was charged $89 x 2 as my hubby and I both wanted to try them. I called the company and they told me that the trial period began on the day it was shipped and they had no control over how long it take for someone to receive their mail. All I can say is that they had better figure something out as they won’t be in business long doing things this way! We stopped payment at the bank and are sending the lypothin back to the company. I feel as though I have fell for a total scam. I didn’t even have time enough to try them to see if they would work!



    Where did you find there contact info. I can’t find it and I want to cancel. Thank you. Pat



    Same experience


  • 25
    Kathy Amsinger

    I just ordered the trial of Lypothin on 2/5/13. They shipped on 2/11/13. That is the date they start the 14 day trial! I have until 2/23 to cancel because 2/24 is a Sunday and they aren’t open on that day. Also, I must pay the postage to return the product to them. The ingredients listed are:Chromium polynicotinate 100 mcg 83%
    Thermogenic Blend 500 mg
    Green tea leaf extract, rasberry ketones, asian ginsing (panax) root extract, a╩Ľai fruit standardized (euterpe oloracea) extract, and caffeine.
    Other ingredients: Gelatin, dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, magnesium stearate, silica and titanium dioxide.
    I would not have ordered it if I knew there was caffeine in it. If you don’t return the product, you will be billed the $85. Nice scam.


  • 26

    I didn’t want to reorder the lypothin….I want to give it more of a try before I start taking the suppliment and so far I haven’t had time to try it…too busy at work…now they’re charging me before I even get the product. What do I do?


  • 27
    Paula Witherspoon

    can you please send me a phone number to speak with a representative.


  • 28
    Lisa Turrittin

    I have the product here. I want to return it. The toll free number does not go through. 888-606-9353. I wish I didn’t open it. It has the same ingrediants as Excelatrim, which I purchased on a trial basis and didn’t reurn it on time. SO I was billed for the total amount. How can I get a RMA number if the phone number does not go through. The product does not work. I didn’t even lose a 1 pound. I also purchased th totalcleanse 360. Very unhappy customer. Please help me return these items. I recieved Lypothin 2/9/13

    Thank you, I can’t aford these prices.




    Lisa, I have the same number, 1-888-606-9353 and it went through. I spoke with a rep today (actually two reps), and the one was VERY RUDE, said I should have looked closer and would have known I would be charged the extra money (it’s not very visable, not to mention, they don’t list it in the email, nor the information they send you with the product). The girl cancelled my order, because apparently, if you didn’t send the trial back, they are just going to continue billing you!! I also ordered the active cleanse, so when I called them, the guy was willing to refund 1/2 the order. Since he was willing to do that, I called Lypothin back, got a different lady, and she was willing to refund 1/2. MAKE SURE YOU CALL THEM!! Otherwise, by the sound of it, they are going to continue to bill you monthly!





    Becky CONNORS

    Yes, it’s very much a scam!!!



    Don’t know about you but I ordered it because I saw something saying it was endorsed by Rachel Ray and that is not true. Based on that false advertising I think we have a right to call credit card company and ask them to dispute the charge. They will immediately refund the charge and contact the company to ask them for their position. I am doing that and also returning the product.
    I tried to cancel on phone but I had thrown away the paperwork that came with the “trial offer” and they claimed they couldn’t find my account without numbers off the packaging. So I received the next shipment. So tomorrow I am calling again to cancel with the numbers.


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