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Maqui Superberry juice and capsules which are sold online via an Internet shop created by Annie Eng, are derived from the Maqui berry which is found in Patagonia. The official website for Maqui Superberry tells us that the Maqui berry offers superior antioxidant qualities when compared to the Acai berry. It has traditionally been eaten and used by the Mapuche Indians due to its health benefits and also its ability to increase energy and warmth during winter as well as to provide stamina when they leave on hunting trips. The Maqui Superberry online shop sells the Maqui berry either in juice form or in capsule form. The official website tells us the product will improve your immune system and increase your energy levels, in addition to helping the user to lose more weight.


The main active ingredient in the Maqui Superberry Juice and Capsules is the Maqui berry.

Product Features

The Maqui Superberry juice can be ordered online and costs $39.95 for a months supply of the juice. It is also available in capsule form and costs $34.95. The official website tells us that there is also a fourteen day money back guarantee upon purchase of the Maqui Superberry juice or capsules. The official website gives details of some clinical trials carried out on this berry and in particular a trial carried out at the University of Texas which would seem to suggest that the Maqui berry can help procure weight loss. Of course the Maqui berry is not the only berry which has high antioxidant qualities and is certainly not the only thing which can help with weight loss. We know for an example that Green Tea Extract increases the rate of the metabolism and can help boost weight loss.

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  • The Maqui berry has been used for thousands of years by the Mapuche Indians.
  • The Maqui berry is known to have high antioxidant properties.
  • The Maqui Superberry is available in juice and capsule form.


  • The Maqui berry is not the only berry which has a range of health benefits.
  • There is no evidence that the Maqui Superberry products are more effective in procuring weight loss than other weight loss solutions on the market.
  • There is no offer of a free trial period.
  • There are no before and after photos displayed on the official website.


Although we do know that the Maqui berry has some appreciable health benefits and possibly some weight loss benefits there is no evidence to show that it is more effective than other weight loss solutions available on the market. We cannot therefore recommend it over and above other weight loss solutions available.

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    I have been taking Macqui Berry for 4 days now and just feel tired and sluggish – is this normal?


  • 2

    I amo on ultimate macqui berry, 1800mg. how capsules am i suppose to consume in a day? it stated 3 on the box is this correct? my tummy bloated and i feel very tired after taking the pills for a week, is this common?


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