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Marcy is a world renowned leader in the sports equipment industry. From the home gyms to the Smith machines, dieters come to expect high quality and functionality with each piece of equipment. As the industry changed, so did the Marcy product line. In the later part of the 20th century, Marcy was purchased by Impex, a Southern California distributor of fitness equipment. Although the company was sold, the name Marcy resides on the product assortment.

The official website is more of an informational portal. We found technical specifications, shipping information and product features. We could not find ordering information. Marcy products are available on third party ecommerce sites such as

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Multiple station home gym featuring various attachments and a standard weight stack of 100 lbs.

Product Features

The Marcy Diamond Elite is a piece of home fitness equipment featuring multiple stations designed to work every major muscle group. The stations include lat pulldown/high pulley, seated row/low pulley, chest press/chest fly and leg extension/leg curl. Leg attachment and handles are standard equipment with the Marcy Diamond Elite.

We found the standard weight stack a bit too low for a home gym. The maximum weight is only 100 lbs. This amount is ideal for the beginner, but the more advanced weight trainer could potentially get complacent with this weight. The Marcy Diamond Elite does not accommodate the dieter looking to increase strength. The Marcy Diamond Elite does not offer upgrades to the weight stack.

The space saving design and weight of the machine are a positive. The Marcy Diamond Elite takes up approximately 5 feet by 4 feet. The unit easily fits into a small room. Maneuvering the Marcy Diamond Elite is simple with the assistance. The weight of thee product is a mere 200 lbs.

The Marcy Diamond Elite is expensive. A machine costing $300 should offer more than what the Marcy Diamond Elite offers. We did not see a cardiovascular station, exercise chart or diet plan.

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  • Two year limited warranty.
  • Multiple stations designed to work every major muscle group.
  • Designed for beginners.
  • 100 lb. weight stack.


  • 100 lb. weight stack.
  • Seat is not adjustable.
  • Machine weights more than 200 lbs.
  • Designed for the beginner, not an advanced weight trainer.
  • Not available on the official website.


The Marcy Diamond Elite is good machine, just not for a dieter looking to increase strength over the long-term. The 100 lb. weight stack is essentially useless when the dieter increases their strength. If the dieter is a bodybuilder, the Marcy Diamond Elite is obsolete.

We liked the multiple stations. An effective home gym should have exercises designed to work every major muscle group. The lack of a dedicated cardiovascular station did concern us. Research proves performing aerobic exercises increases weight loss.

The biggest concern we had with the Marcy Diamond Elite was the price. We expected a home gym costing $300 to offer a dieter more than what was delivered. We found comparable models approximately half the price of the Marcy Diamond Elite.

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