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The Miracle Weight Loss Herb website explains how a single herb can help a dieter lose more weight than any other product they have tried. The herb is a natural miracle that solves everything from obesity to hormone imbalances. The dieter will not have to worry about hunger or fatigue while using the miracle weight loss herb. These claims are huge and typically huge claims mean the manufacturer is trying to sell the dieter on something that is not true.

List of Ingredients

Malva Verticellata.

Product Features

It took a bit of time to find the miracle weight loss herb information from a trusted source, but once we found the information many of the claims made more sense. Malva verticellata is a natural laxative and diuretic. Herbs falling into this group are often prescribed for nearly every condition imaginable. It used to be a popular belief that constipation or toxins in the body caused sickness, illness and even forms of cancer or debilitating disease. If those toxins could be removed from the body the user’s health would improve. There is no science behind this claim, but that does not stop people from marketing products for this purpose.

It is important to note that there is some concern online about the effect of the miracle weight loss herb on patients with diabetes. The miracle weight loss herb may lower blood glucose levels which could be a problem for diabetics who use insulin to control their diabetes.

There are testimonials on the official website and a few after photos, but from the look of the website and the single, diuretic / laxative ingredient, we can’t help but think these are not linked to the miracle weight loss herb. If diuretics and laxatives are used on a regular basis, dehydration and dependence on laxatives can occur. This will only lead to further illnesses and side effects that could become deadly over time.

The miracle weight loss herb is sold for $29.95 for a 30 day program and $54.95 for a 60 day program. The miracle weight loss herb is also offered for $149.95 per 6 months. It is not safe to use a laxative for 6 months straight.

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  • None.


  • Laxative use can lead to dependence.
  • The miracle weight loss herb is a diuretic.
  • Diuretics and laxatives should not be used long-term.


The miracle weight loss herb is not a miracle at all. The laxative and diuretic properties of the single ingredient may cause weight loss short term, but that does not mean the dieter will keep the weight off after they stop taking the supplement. There is also a huge concern that prolonged use of laxatives can leave the body dependent upon herbs or medications to move waste from the body.

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    diana zavala

    how do I order this product. send me a contact number.


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    i like it, it is very easy to take with juice or tea and it makes you energetic and not hungry. i have lost 18 pounds so far and i have the 6 month [program they are really the best natural source of herbs i have tried and no side effects or being jittery