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What You Should Know

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MZT Slimming is a weight loss supplement made from the well known ingredient meizitang. This ingredient has been banned by the United States FDA because it is a Chinese based product that contains ingredients not listed on the label, and possibly a prescription strength appetite suppressant. Read this review to learn more about the product and why you should avoid it to help you reach your weight loss goals.

List of Ingredients

MZT Slimming contains the following ingredients:

  • Extracts from ZiSu 25%
  • Extracts from oriental water plantain 13%
  • Extracts from cassia seed 10%
  • Extracts from Fuling 17%
  • Medical Amylum 35%

Product Features

MZT Slimming seems like it could be an excellent weight loss supplement at first glance. We do not really know what the ingredients are, and we know there are some ingredients in the formula not included on the label. The product information claims the product can help you burn more fat by accelerating the metabolism and helping the body to eliminate fatty acids from the intestine. There are many websites online today still selling the product, and we do not recommend you trust them. If the product was banned by the FDA, it was done so with American’s health in mind, and the sale or use of the product is now illegal. Several groups of people should not use this supplement. This includes: women who are pregnant or nursing, people under the age of 18, people over the age of 65, people with heart disease, people with high blood pressure, and people who are experiencing either kidney or liver failure, or people who have experienced those organ failures in the past.

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  • MZT Slimming has no known advantages.


  • MZT Slimming features meizitang, an ingredient banned by the FDA.
  • This product is available online, even after being banned.
  • This product contains ingredients not listed on the label.
  • This product is not safe for a lot of people.
  • There are no free trials of this product.


MZT Slimming is definitely not a product we recommend anyone use. Besides the fact that it includes ingredients not listed on the label and was banned by the FDA for use in America, it is not safe for a lot of people, and could cause a variety of health issues if you suffer from any other conditions mentioned in the above product description. If you are trying to lose weight, we recommend you stick to a balanced diet, regular exercise program, and use a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant or fat burner to help support your diet to help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

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