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5/25/11 UPDATE: We received an email from the Najarian Center informing us that their new address is 865 Aerovista Pl. Suite 210, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.

The Najarian Center is located in Los Osos, California. The clinic specializes in obesity and hypothyroidism and other weight related conditions. Dr. Thomas Najarian started the clinic as a medication and supplement based program to increase weight loss. Patients must be located within driving distance of the Najarian Center in order to take part in the program. Weight loss of 15% of total body weight can be expected, according to program literature, over a 12 month to 18-month period.

List of Ingredients

Najarian Multi-Vitamin: Vitamins, minerals, iron and selenium.

Najarian Joint Formula: Glucosamine and chondroitin.

Najarian Fish Oil: Non-toxic fish oils.

Najarian B-Complex: B vitamins with extra B6, B12 and biotin.

Program Features

The Najarian Center attempts to use weight loss medication and supplements to promote gradual weight loss. Supplements are created for use specifically with the Najarian Center program. The supplements are available at two locations within the Los Osos area.

It appears that the Najarian Center also promotes the use of prescription medications for weight loss and bariatric surgery. There is very little information on these two forms of weight loss aside from the fact that the clinical staff is prepared to support the dieter while on a specific weight loss program designed by the clinic.

Information on medication side effects, nutrition and exercise are discussed with each patient on a personal basis. There are no prices listed for the supplements or the weight loss program offered by the Najarian Center.

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  • Supplements can be used to increase weight loss.
  • Support is shown to keep dieters on a program for weight loss longer.


  • Only dieters in the Los Osos area can be a part of the Najarian Center program.
  • Supplements are not formulated to increase metabolism.
  • Medications for weight can come with side effects.
  • No prices are listed on the website.
  • Bariatric surgery is expensive and dangerous.


Dieters living in the Los Osos, California area may be able to find out more information on the Najarian Center program. According to the online information, the Dr. uses prescription medication to increase weight loss and that can come with a long list of potential side effects. Losing just 15% of total body weight in 18 months is much slower than traditional weight loss goals. At this rate, a 200-pound woman would only lose 30 pounds in 18 months. Typically, at 2 pounds a week, the weight loss on a traditional plan would exceed these goals dramatically.

If the supplements marketed by the Najarian Center were exemplary, a trip to the clinic may be worth the time and money, but the listed supplements are nothing more than common formulas used to support healthy joints, bones and body.

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4 User Reviews about Najarian Center

  • 1
    Joy Chambers

    The Najarian plan is medically sound and long term. I lost 60 pounds over 2 years and changed a lifetime of poor habits in the process.
    I have moved from the central coast & would give anything to be withing “program distance” to receive the excellent attention I received at the
    Najarian center!
    Do it NOW!


  • 2
    Keith Lilley

    I’m quite surprise about how little you know about the Najerian Center and Dr. Tomas Najerian. I have two Master degrees and have been treated at this center for obesity and weight control for a number of years. It is not base on over the counter costly vitamins! The Dr. and his staff do recomend a regimen of exercise and healthy eating and intake of supplemental vitamins and it does not have to be theirs!! Currently the Najerian Center focuses on controlled use of one of the bright up and coming combination of prescriptive drugs which may eventually soon make it to market as a new combined prescriptive weight loss drug!! A 10.6% overall weight loss vs. the 1.5% posted by all others in the market place is outstanding. Kudos to the Najerian Center!!The rest are charlatans.


    Krystal Kennedy

    Great comment Keith, I have been a client of the Najarian Center for over 2 years. I lost 30 pounds in the first 3 in half months and have kepts it off ever since with bi yearly visits for support. Their method worked when “nothing” else did. I am forever grateful to Dr. Najarian.



    In the conclusion portion of the review, it is noted that it is a slow weight loss. So isn’t that a whole lot healthier than the ridiculous rapid-weight-loss programs so many advertise? I lost 25 pounds over a 6 month period, and am thrilled with the program and the results. It isn’t a FAD diet, and it worked. It has been a year since I started, and I’ve kept the weight off! As Keith says, they don’t push their own brand of vitamins at all; they are available and convenient, but I never bought any. For me, this program has been a blessing!