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Natra Pure is a colon cleansing supplement with a vague existence online. There is information about the product available through various third party websites, but an official online presence could not be found for the supplement or an affiliated manufacturer. Most of the websites dedicated to selling Natra Pure are affiliate websites with links to free trials and free offers for Natra Pure. Several of the links to buy Natra Pure lead the visitor to the Advanced Colon website selling a product other than Natra Pure.

List of Ingredients

Green tea, acai, paipan, egcg, bromelain, guava extract, and white tea.

Product Features

The official ingredient list for Natra Pure could not be found online. One consumer asked for an ingredient list via a colon cleansing forum and an answer was given with the included ingredient list. An official website URL was also included, but that website is no longer in service. Natra Pure may be a product that is no longer available for sale.

If the ingredient list holds true for Natra Pure, there are no colon cleansing ingredients in the formula. Green tea does not increase bowel movements or cleanse the body, but it has been proven to increase metabolism so the ingredient is good for dieters. How much is in Natra Pure is unknown. Acai is an antioxidant, but is not related to either colon cleansing or weight loss. Guava extract is also an antioxidant.

One website promoting Natra Pure claimed users saw an increase in metabolism of 67.4%. The site did not offer any proof of these claims. Without an official website, verified ingredient list or any idea of whether or not the supplement is available, dieters should probably stay away from Natra Pure.

Natra Pure is offered online free with a $3.95 charge for shipping and handling. The sales link takes the dieter to a different cleansing product with no pricing information.

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  • Green tea can increase metabolism and calorie burn.
  • A free trial for the product is offered.


  • No official ingredient list could be found.
  • The official website is no longer in service.
  • Free trial links lead to Advanced Colon instead of Natra Pure.
  • Claims of increase metabolism are not proven.
  • The dieter has no idea how much of each ingredient is included.
  • Most ingredients are antioxidants.


Natra Pure seems to be a name linked to the Advanced Colon product via an affiliate link. There is no website to verify ingredients, offers or testimonials so the dieter may want to choose another cleansing product. Colon cleansing is not an effective part of weight loss and results may be due to temporary water loss and not fat or weight loss.

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