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Finding educated and informed information on weight loss is always a benefit to dieters. Even if the information is nothing new, the way articles, blogs and descriptions are written can be enough to spark a new idea or a sense of ability for the dieter. Natural Health Network claims to provide information and supplements for the person wanting to lead a more natural lifestyle. In addition to supplementation, the Natural Health Network promotes several healthy living and weight loss books.

List of Ingredients

Natural supplements and diet / health books.

Product Features

The supplement line promoted by Natural Health Network is not a self-established line. The supplements are created by other companies and sold through Natural Health Network. Supplements available are Phytoglow, Coral Calcium Daily, Prostavin, Flexasil, Glymetrol and Diabetic Multivitamin. None of these supplements is created with weight loss in mind.

Looking at the books listed on the Natural Health Network website, we do find a couple that could be deemed diet books. The 7 Day Master Cleanse and Recipes for LIFE are not listed as weight loss products, but could be used as part of a weight loss plan.

The 7 Day Master Cleanse has been around for many years and involves eating specific foods and following a cleansing regime to improve health and weight loss. It was not until the last decade that cleansing was used as part of a weight loss program. Most often, cleansing is used to relieve constipation or diarrhea.

Recipes for LIFE is a religious nutrition based cookbook. More than 200 recipes claim to improve health and increase weight loss. None of the recipes is listed on the Natural Health Network website, but mashed potatoes, chocolate, bread and desserts are all listed in the category of good foods to eat while losing weight.

The Recipes for LIFE book sells for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. The 7 Day Master Cleanse also sells for the same price.

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  • Recipes with healthy, wholesome ingredients may help increase weight loss.


  • The 7 Day Master Cleanse recipes and information can be found free online.
  • There are plenty of weight loss recipes to choose from online at no cost.
  • There is no mention of supplements being used for weight loss.
  • The website appears to be an affiliate seller.
  • There are many misspelled words and grammar errors on the Natural Health Network website.


The first signal that a website is not professional or well maintained is spelling and grammar errors. If the Natural Health Network company wants to be trusted, they must first establish a professional website. No weight loss supplements are listed even though the company seems to promote the use of natural supplements for healing purposes.

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    Lisa Blankenship

    I would like to know why colon
    flow took $44.00 out of my account after i sent back the
    conten that was left and we have canceled it.
    you can e-mail


  • 2
    Lisa Nieman

    My son purchased Glocosulin through a 30 trial offer. Several times he confirmed with the sales person on the other end that no charges would be made to his CC. He made it clear he only intended to try the 30 free sample. His account was just debted for $108.00. He has made calls as have I to get this issue resolved and I have to say the more I look into it the more I believe that the company responsible for the sale of this product is less then credible. I have read posts from people who have had the same problem and am very disturbed that this is being advertised on nationl television and the customer service and integrity of this company is horrible. In business, it is always a good idea to treat the customers with respect or you they will eventually not have customers. I would have loved to have had this problem resolved but apparently that is not how things work. As long as you get the sale? Well, the inter net is a great tool for allerting others of problems such as these and I will certainly make sure I do my part to spread the word about this product and the poor business ethics that it holds.