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NDS Censor Softgels is manufactured by the Nutritional Delivery System. The supplement description claims the supplement is scientifically formulated, which could be confused for scientifically proven. The formula is based on conjugated linoleic acid found in safflower oil. Some early studies of the oil found an increase in natural fat burn when taken daily. Most of these studies were completed on animals. A study published in May of 2006 found no link between CLA intake and weight loss or fat loss over a period of a year when compared to placebo effect.

List of Ingredients

Safflower Oil (source of CLA), Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Borage Oil.

Product Features

Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, obese participants who took CLA over a period of a year did not lose any more fat than participants who took a placebo. In addition to breaking the myth of increased fat loss, the study went on to reveal that CLA did not help people keep weight off once they lost weight. Considering this study, products like NDS Sensor have very little room to make extraordinary weight loss claims.

The second ingredient, fish oil, is often suggested for daily intake as an omega fatty acid supplement. Omega fatty acids are consumed in food and most people do not have the proper balance between omega 3, 6 and 9 in the body. Fish oil can help bring that balance back, but no weight loss will result.

Flaxseed oil is another source of omega fatty acids as is evening primrose oil and borage oil. Once CLA is taken out of the equation, NDS Censor Softgels provides no weight loss support for the dieter. The dieter should also consider potential negative effects of CLA. An animal study published in 2006 shown decreased sensitivity to insulin and an increase in fatty deposits in the liver in animals who took CLA.

NDS Censor is sold online for $74.99 for 180 softgels. A smaller bottle containing 90 softgels can also be purchased for $49.99.

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  • Several ingredients help balance omega fatty acid levels.


  • CLA does not increase fat loss based on human studies.
  • CLA may increase fatty deposits in the liver.
  • NDS Censor Softgels are priced higher than other oil-based supplements.
  • No appetite suppressant is included in the formula.


Any supplement that includes an ingredient proven not to work as claimed should be avoided by the dieter. CLA has been studies for many years and early studies showed some benefit in animal research. When the supplement ingredient hit human studies, fat loss was not proven. Dieters should stick with supplements with proven fat burners and appetite suppressants not ingredients that could cause health risks.

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    I just bought this product at a gnc store.I asked for saffron extract.Is this the same?Thank You