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The Needak Rebounder is a miniature trampoline used as part of a home fitness routine. Rebounders are created for people of all fitness levels and claim to increase calorie burn dramatically in a shorter amount of time than traditional workout routines. Needak Rebounder has been shown on NBC’s Today Show and in Woman’s Day Magazine. Needak Rebounder claims to be different from other rebounders on the market because the unit is made in the United States.

List of Ingredients

American made rebounder fitness equipment.

Product Features

Needak Rebounder comes in different colors, varieties and weight limits. The soft bounce Needak Rebounder is 40″ in diameter and 10″ tall. While no weight limit for the soft rebounder is listed, we can assume it is less than 300 pounds because Needak offers another rebounder for people weighing more than 300 pounds. Beginners may choose a unit with a stabilizing bar to help control movement while reducing the chance of injury.

A hard bounce Needak Rebounder is also available for dieters weighing more than 300 pounds. Hard refers to the stretch of the material over the frame. The tighter the stretch, the more weight the unit can hold without the springs allowing the unit to touch the floor. Harder bounce surfaces could pose problems for extremely overweight dieters as impact on the knees and joints could be substantial.

Needak Rebounders are priced higher than competitor products. This increase in price could be linked to the fact that Needak is an American made product. The description for visitors on the website promotes the product as being superior to “Asian” rebounders.

Needak Rebounders sell for $289 to $350. Dieters can also choose to add a stabilizing bar for $75.

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  • Needak Rebounders can hold more than 300 pounds.
  • Most exercise equipment maxes out at 250 pounds.


  • Needak Rebounders are more expensive than other fitness equipment.
  • Knee and joint pain could be associated with using the Needak Rebounder.
  • Needak claims American made products are better than other manufacturers.
  • There are no before and after photos online from dieters.
  • Shipping and handling can be expensive due to the weight of the product.


The Needak Rebounder is no different from other home fitness equipment. Jumping can put great stress on joints, muscles and ligaments. When dieters are extremely overweight, this effect could be compounded. The price of the Needak Rebounder is not comparable to other manufacturers, but Needak claims this is due to better quality materials and assembly. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, but no warranty is offered for the elastic platform that could wear down with extended use. Without the stabilizing bar, rebounding could be dangerous. The rebounder should be kept out of reach of children.

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