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Premier Nutrition sells Nitro Shot to boost natural nitric oxide levels for the ultimate workout. Nitric oxide helps to open blood vessels for increased blood flow to muscles, but it is about more than that. Nitric oxide also allows other supplements and ingredients to move faster through the body, reaching the muscle tissue in record time. The small 2-ounce shot looks like an energy shot drink, but there are no ingredients to boost energy or metabolism.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary NO2 Blend: L-Arginine, L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate.

Product Features

All a bodybuilder has to do is drink this 2-ounce shot 30 minutes before a workout and, voila, increase gains and muscle pumps. Unfortunately, it is not that simply even though the product description wants bodybuilders to believe that is how the supplement works.

The only ingredient in Nitro Shot is arginine, in various forms. Arginine is responsible for increased nitric oxide levels, but the body produces enough L-arginine for basic body functions. Weight loss supplements and bodybuilding supplements list the benefits of L-arginine as if more of the amino acid will improve the effect on the body. This is simply not the case. The body will only use as much L-arginine as it needs, so extra supplementation is not effective for everyone.

Extreme athletes and people suffering from burns and bone injuries may have reduced arginine levels. L-arginine supplementation is important for overall health and healing, in these cases. But, the bodybuilding is not always an extreme athlete, so the user would need to think about their workout regime in a subjective way before spending money on a supplement that offers little benefit.

The ingredients in Nitro Shot are often included in other bodybuilding supplements, so the Nitro Shot may be double dosing arginine. The price for ten 2-ounce bottles is $12. While the price is lower than other bodybuilding supplements, that does not mean the supplement will increase nitric oxide in a healthy, average athlete.

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  • L-arginine helps the body heal from bone and burn injuries.
  • Extreme athletes may not produce enough arginine.
  • Nitro Shot comes in a convenient 2-ounce liquid shot.


  • Not every bodybuilder needs L-arginine.
  • None of the ingredients increase metabolism.
  • No ingredients are included for increased energy.
  • Arginine may be found in other bodybuilding supplements.


The Nitro Shot concept is sound, but not every bodybuilder is deficient in L-arginine. The body naturally produces L-arginine and more is not necessarily better. Before jumping in and shooting some L-arginine Nitro Shots, check the label on other pre-workout supplements. If L-arginine is included in that supplement, the Nitro Shot will not suddenly increase blood flow even more.

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    Thad Field

    would you accept a postal usa money order as a form of payment? I would like to order the nitro shot.